Core courses


AR-110  Survey of Western Art




AR-115  Survey of World Art

MM-390  Museum Studies

MM-392  Museum Education 

MM-394  Curatorial Studies

MM-480  Museum Practicum I

MM-481  Museum Practicum II


Other Required Core Courses


AR-104  Design and Color

EN-272 Introduction to Professional Writing


Art History Core

In addition to AR 295 and AR 455 choose 8 courses (24 credits) in consultation with your advisor


AH-295  Methods in Art History

AR-455  Sr. Thesis in Art History

AH-301  African-American Art: Slavery to Social Justice

AH-309  Expanding the Renaissance

AH-310  Global Baroque Art & Architecture

AH-311 Art of Ancient Peoples

AH-312 Medieval Art: Really a Dark Age?

AH-313  Northern Renaissance Art 

AR-315  Women in Art

AH-316 Art & Revolution: 19th Century Europe

AR-322  Modern Architecture 

AH-329  Impressionism to Abstract Expressionism

AH-330  Why Is That Art? 1945-Present

AR-340 Philosophy of Art


At least one internship is required, and it can be done for credit or for transcript notation.