Individualized IMA POEs must include: the core course requirements, 45-63 credits including a CW course, and at least 18 credits at the 300 or 400 level.

Core Courses

IMA + Communication Individualized Pathway

In partnership with Communication Department (Example title: Digital Storytelling, Multimedia Production)

CM-420E Digital Storytelling
Variable; Variable; 3.00 Credits; H,F,CTDH
Digital stories derive their power in weaving images, music, narrative and voice together, and thereby giving deep dimension and vivid color to characters, situations, experiences, and insights. This course offers students the opportunity to experiment with narratives and their visualization using digital media technologies as a vehicle to tell stories creatively with a clear point of view and audience awareness. Prerequisites: CM133 or 1 of the following courses, CM290 or IT110 or AR404.

CM-420A Hollywood Films
Variable; Variable; 3.00 Credits; H,CW
In this course we explore one visual medium: film. Hollywood film is understood as mainstream media which is meant for a general audience and with strong box office constraints. A rhetorical perspective insists on the presence of an audience which is not necessarily of interest in all types of film study but will be crucial in our discussions. We relate theories, methods of production, and criticism to our work but it is not limited to them. This course is an opportunity for students to explore what mainstream films mean and why they are such an important cultural phenomenon. Prerequisites: CM132 or CM133.

CM-330 Media Analysis
Spring; Yearly; 3.00 Credits; H,CW,CS
Designed to explore analytical approaches applied to a variety of media, including advertising, television sitcoms, new shows, propaganda, film, music and architecture, in order to ascertain the persuasive messages inherent in each artifact. By examining the rhetorical choices revealed by each method of criticism, we can betterunderstand the structure of message design, the medium and in a larger sense the cultural values that shape both. Prerequisites: CM132 or CM133.

CM-360 Studies in Communication
3.00 Credits; H
Prerequisites: CM130, CM230.

CM-300 Professional Presentations
Spring; Yearly; 3.00 Credits; CS,H
Designed for students to improve and polish their speaking skills for effective presentations in professional settings. It is a performance course with emphasis placed on speech structure, audience adaptation, style of presentation (oral report and manuscript reading), with the use of PowerPoint and/or Prez1. Video is used to help speakers understand the relationship between their speaking behaviors and responses of listeners. Prerequisites: CM200.

CM-499 Special Topics
Variable; Variable; 1.00-4.00 Credits
Allows departments to offer special topics not normally offered. Departments may offer more than one special topic. Prerequisites varyby topic.

IM-360 Digital Video Production
Spring; Even Years; 3.00 Credits; F,CTDH
Video Production I is a practical hands-on experience with cinematography, audio production, and lighting. Students learn the necessary skills to tell an well produced digital story with appropriate technical knowledge to enhance the narrative and audience engagement. This course will teach students how to work as a professional videographer by expanding digital media knowledge and techniques. Students will learn the technical foundations of video production, camera operation, lighting, audio acquisition and editing. Students will be encouraged to investigate the impact of video content based on the viewer in addition to artistic potential through digital storytelling. Prerequisites: IM110 or permission by permission of instructor with prior video experience.

IM-361 Video Production II
Spring; Yearly; 3.00 Credits; F,CTDH
Digital Video Production II allows students to work from ideas to a final video production that is ready to showcase at a film premiere, enter into film competitions, or share with a client as a professional commercial for their business. From preproduction planning all the way to post production editing, students will work on a series of videos with full creative rights. Students will be required to oversee planning, storyboarding, shooting, editing, and final exporting. Students with prior video production experience are preferred. Prerequisite: IM360 or by instructor permission.

IM-250 Digital Audio Production
Spring; Yearly; 3.00 Credits; F,CTDH
Digital Audio Production introduces the student to the fundamentals of capturing, editing and reproducing sound, using digital tools. Hands on studio work combines with basic acoustic theory to help conceptualize the bridge between the analogue and digital worlds. The final project for the course puts the student in teams to record, edit, mix and do simple mastering on a full length CD.

IM-310 Social Media
Spring; Odd Years; 3.00 Credits; F
This course will introduce students to the context and forms of social media. We will explore the theories and practices of narrative expression in online context, explore social media as culture and study the impact of " the sharing economy. " What is social media, who uses it, who gains from it, and how is it transforming new media as well as traditional media. One of the outcomes of social media is that everything is connected, creating massive amounts of user generated content and data. Students will learn to analyze, design and visualize this data. We will also focus on the social norms of user communities and how we can leverage it to better understand emerging technologies. Students will have the opportunity to explore both theory and practice of social media through writing assignments, presentations, curating and creating creative content, and participating on both online and offline discussions. Prerequisites: IM110 or IT110 or IT111 or CS110.