Individualized IMA POEs must include: the core course requirements, 45-63 credits including a CW course, and at least 18 credits at the 300 or 400 level.

Core Courses

IMA + IT/CS Individualized Pathway

In partnership with Information Technology & Computer Science Department (Example POE title: Media Arts & Technology)

MA-116 Discrete Structures
Fall; Yearly; 4.00 Credits; N,Q
Introduces mathematical structures and concepts such as functions, relations, logic, induction, counting, and graph theory. Their application to Computer Science is emphasized. Pre-requisite high school algebra.

IT-210 Information Technology Systems
Fall; Yearly; 4.00 Credits; N
This course introduces students to three core areas in Information Technology: networks, database and web. The course progresses through two phases during its study of modern IT environments. Initial study includes all the necessary components of today's IT system environment and its use in business. Secondly, students use a server based database development environment to create an IT system. Prerequisites: CS110. MA116 strongly recommended.

CS-240 Computer Science II
Spring; Yearly; 4.00 Credits; N
A continued study of computer science foundations as begun In Computer Science I. An object-oriented language such as JAVA is used to develop and implement large programs involving variousdata structures and data abstraction as exemplified by packages and modules. Search, sorting, advanced data structures, programming methodology and analysis are emphasized. Prerequisites: CS110 and MA116 or MA210.

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IT 376 Database Management Systems
3.00 Credits; N
Prerequisites: IT210 or CS240.

IT-260 Human Computer Interaction
Spring; Yearly; 3.00 Credits; S
To users of any system, the interface is what they see and think of as thecomputer. Interaction with a computer can be better defined in terms of interface, as any part of the computer system that the user comes in contact with, either physically, perceptually, or conceptually. Human interaction with computers can be studied, designed, evaluated, with the goal being to produce usable products from a human-centric perspective. Prerequisites: CS110.

IT-341 Web Design
Fall; Yearly; 2.00 Credits
A study of modern web design along with an examination of markup and scripting languages (e.g., HTML, JavaScript), page, image and multimedia formats, and the techniques in developing and managing a web site. Page design, graphical user interfaces, interactive techniques and the importance of e-commerce are also emphasized. Prerequisites: CS110 or permission.

IT-342 Web Programming
Fall; Yearly; 2.00 Credits
A study of the modern web programming environment, including introduction to Web 2.0 and Web 3.0, HTML, XHTML, and JavaScript. The class will address client side scripting as well as server side technology, and accessing a database. These technologies will be combined to create an active, dynamic web page. Prerequisites: CS240. Corequisites: IT341.

DS-110 Intro to Data Science
Fall; Yearly; 3.00 Credits; N
This course introduces the student to the emerging field of data science through the presentation of basic math and statistics principles, an introduction to the computer tools and software commonly used to perform the data analytics, and a general overview of the machine learning techniques commonly applied to datasets for knowledge discovery. The students will identify a dataset for a final project that will require them to perform preparation, cleaning, simple visualization and analysis of the data with such tools as Excel and R. Understanding the varied nature of data, their acquisition and preliminary analysis provides the requisite skills to succeed in further study and application of the data science field. Prerequisite: comfort with pre-calculus topics and use of computers.