(18-24 credits)

IM-110 Principles of Digital Media
Fall & Spring; Yearly; 3.00 Credits; CTDH
An introduction to the concepts of digital media. Students will develop an understanding of the basics of digital media, the technology surrounding the creation and use of digital media, and its association with art, communication, and information technology. Through a laboratory context of experimentation and discussion the course explores the use of various creative software programs used to create artistic and expressive media content. The course provides an overview of media formats, media creation, the fundamental properties of the tools required for media manipulation, and insight into the artistic, social, psychological, and legal aspects of digital media. Prerequisites: Freshman or Sophomore standing or by instructor permission.

CM-133 Mass Media and Society
Either Semester; Yearly; 3.00 Credits; H,CS
An examination of the convergence of mass media (print, radio, television, sound, film, and internet) which serve our most common public interests. The focus is on the four primary functions to inform, to entertain, to persuade, and to transmit culture. Students have a better understanding of the tension between media as business and its social responsibility to its citizens. This course is not open to seniors.

AR-104 Design and Color
Variable; Yearly; 3.00 Credits; F,CTDH
The discipline of design is basic to all forms of visual art, including painting, drawing, photography, ceramics and illustration. This course is designed to acquaint the student with the basic elements of picture structure: composition, line, shape, value, texture, color, scale, proportion, tension, and balance. Note: A special fee for art supplies is assessed.

IM-375 Integrated Media Lab I
Fall; Yearly; 3.00 Credits; CTDH
Integrated Media Arts Lab I is a laboratory context of experimentation and discussion for students in the IMA Program. Students are given the opportunity to engage in a reciprocal partnership with a local community partner. Working in a team-driven environment with a local community partner students propose, plan, and complete a real world design project. The course includes reflection, design deliverables, and client presentations throughout the semester. Community Engaged Learning designated. Prerequisite IM110, sophomore standing or higher.