Individualized IMA POEs must include: the core course requirements, 45-63 credits including a CW course, and at least 18 credits at the 300 or 400 level.

Core Courses

IMA + Studio Art Individualized Pathway

In partnership with Art Department (Example title: Digital Arts, Multimedia Illustration)

AR-329 Early Modern Art
Either Semester; Variable; 3.00 Credits; F,I
This course surveys stylistic developments commencing in the late nineteenth century and culminating with Abstract Expressionism in the mid-twentieth century in painting and sculpture. We will address questions such as: what is modern art and when did it begin? What makes a work of art modern, and how is this art different from what preceded it? Through discussion, students will learn to recognize, understand, and appreciate the defining features of modern art in its early stages of development in Europe and America. Prerequisite: AR 110 Survey of Western Art.

AR-330 Modern to Contemporary Art
Either Semester; Variable; 3.00 Credits; CA,F,I
An exciting venture into the realm of the arts of our modern to contemporary world, this course surveys major artists and movements from post-World War II to the present. Beginning with Pop Art and continuing through Post-Modernism and the global arts of today, we will examine artworks from a variety of media and incorporate key critical, philosophical, cultural, and theoretical writings. Pre-requisite: AR-110 or AR-130.

AR-103 Beginning Drawing
Variable; Variable; 3.00 Credits; F
This course will explore the fundamental concerns as well as representational methods and concepts. Using line, shape, form, volume, texture, and the effective spatial organization of these elements, students will develop perceptual and technical skills to interpret form and space. Students will work with graphite and charcoal, pencil, ink, and other media. Note: A special fee for art supplies is assessed.

AR-200 Beginning Painting
Fall; Yearly; 3.00 Credits; F
Introductory course which investigates perceptual and technical aspects of painting which build off of Drawing, 2D Design and Art History. Students work in oil paint, learn various support construction, mediums, traditional methods (including making and altering paint chemistry) and color theory. Demonstration, reading, lectures and slide presentations supplement studio sessions and outside projects. Materials are ordered for the student. Taking an introductory level drawing course prior to enrollment in Basic Painting is highly encouraged (but not mandatory). Note: Drawing courses from high school may provide adequate preparation. Please contact the course professor for more information. Note: An additional fee for art supplies is assessed.

AR-203 Digital Photography I
Fall & Spring; Yearly; 3.00 Credits; F
This course focuses on photography and the creation of digital imagery. Students will learn to operate a DSLR camera and complete projects utilizing a variety of photographic techniques and genres. Students will learn to express visual concepts through photography while utilizing specific techniques unique to the creation of digital photographic artwork. Final works will be exhibited electronically and in print. Students will also look at the work of contemporary photographers and prepare a presentation on one photographer. The course utilizes primarily Adobe Photoshop on a Mac platform. There is a special fee for course supplies and equipment. This course is offered yearly in the fall and every other year in the spring.

AR-204 Digital Art I
Variable; Yearly; 4.00 Credits; F,CTDH,WK-CE
This course focuses on the creation of art through electronic processes. Adobe Creative Cloud and other apps will be utilized along with scanners, cameras, and printers. Final works will be exhibited electronically and in print.

AR-117 Intro to Sculpture
Fall; Variable; 3.00 Credits; F
The objective of this course is to introduce and familiarize you with basic concepts of the language, creation, craftsmanship, and function of sculpture. In order to begin and develop your approach to the art making process, we will explore design through investigations in shape, space, line, proportion, and color. These preliminary exercises will serve as the building blocks needed to understand and create more sophisticated sculptural forms. Students will create various sculptures from plaster, wood, metal, stone, and clay. Note: additional lab fees apply.

AR-225 Wheel Throwing
Fall & Spring; Yearly; 3.00 Credits; F
This course will introduce students to the techniques of the potter's wheel and expressive qualities of clay as an artistic medium as well as an essential commodity. Students will learn wheel-throwing techniques to incorporate form, function, and design with each project.

Choose an upper level AR elective of your choice - 3 Credits