Individualized IMA POEs must include: the core course requirements, 45-63 credits including a CW course, and at least 18 credits at the 300 or 400 level.

Core Courses

IMA + Writing Individualized Pathway

In partnership with English Department (Example POE title: Media Writing and Media Production)

EN-272 Introduction to Professional Writing
Fall; Yearly; 3.00 Credits; H,CW
This course covers the types of writing used in the professional and business world, with attention to deciding when to use which type, or whether to use writing at all. Also concentrates on effectively addressing different audiences. The course will also cover the use of graphics, from basic concepts through effective design and adjusting to audience and situation. Prerequisite: First-year or sophomore standing. Juniors and Seniors by instructor permission.

EN-273 Visual Literacy
Spring; Even Years; 3.00 Credits; H
This course explores how visuals and text are used for purposes of identification, information, and persuasion. It looks at many visual modes such as comics, ads, maps, graffiti, film, art, scientific images, and web sites. Students have the option to create arguments using only text, only images, or a combination of both. prerequisite: EN110 or EN109.

EN-307 Mythology in Film
Spring; Variable; 4.00 Credits; H
This course will explore how film communicates the myths of a various societies to its members. By combining theoretical approaches to myth with film analysis, we will explore the ways in which cinema both influences and reflects the way we think, what we value, fear, and aspire to achieve. Focusing on some of the most prevalent themes in this genre, students will be introduced to Classical and contemporary adaptations of myths and their historical and cultural contexts, examining how those narratives provide meaning today via cinema. Prerequisites: EN110 or EN108 and EN109.

EN-377 Ethical Game Design
Fall; Even Years; 3.00 Credits; H,CW,SW-ER,CTDH
This course focuses on both the use of ethical principles to design games and the critical study of ethical games, which position players to make ethical decisions throughout the game. After learning about ethical principles through play and analysis, students design a text-based game where players make ethical choices shaping the narrative and experience of the game.

EN-378 Video Production Writing
Fall; Odd Years; 4.00 Credits; H,CW,CTDH,WK-CE
Writing for Video Production is a course that combines contemporary rhetoric, creative inquiry, design thinking, media authorship, self-reflection, and social engagement. Students complete directed writing such as journal entries, scripts, storyboards, and shotlists in concert with video production, facilitating an integrated process of thinking, creating, and problem-solving. Take FYC-101 or EN-110 or EN-109

EN-299 Special Topics
Variable; Variable; 1.00-4.00 Credits
Allows the department to offer special topics not normally offered. Departments may offer more than one special topic. Prerequisites vary by title.

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EN-399 Special Topics
Variable; Variable; 1.00-4.00 Credits
Offers special studies to meet the interests and demands of students. past examples include " Terry Pratchett " and " Renaissance Drama " . Note: Students may take each ST: course for credit.