It began with a realization that different departments were all doing work in Digital Media. Instead of each of us doing our own thing, it just makes sense to harness the power and strengths of each department into a single program: Integrated Media Arts. The Integrated Media Arts program is an umbrella for anything that students would like to do with digital media. Digital Media is all about the use of technology to create, store, and visually represent and present information to people for a variety of purposes. These purposes can range from the presentation of a set of data, to communicating ideas, to marketing a product, to art for art's sake, and everything in between. This requires a strong contribution from multiple specialties. Information Technology and Computer Science, Communication, and Art work together to create a powerful program to fulfill the needs and desires of students interested in working with digital media. With the strengths of the designated Program of Emphasis in Integrated Media Arts or the power to create your own path with Juniata's Individualized Program of Emphasis, we have what you need to get you to where you want to be.

Designated POE

  • Integrated Media Arts is a multi-disciplinary program designed to offer students a broad base of practical training, and also an area of focus, as they begin to shape their lives as multi-faceted artists, designers, communicators, and developers. This program represents a unique collaboration of the departments of Art, Communication, Information Technology and Computer Science, and Theatre.

Secondary Emphasis

Individualized Pathways

  • IMA + Art - Combining Integrated Media Arts and Studio Art.
  • IMA + Communication - Combining Integrated Media Arts and Communication.
  • IMA + IT&CS - Combining Integrated Media Arts with Information Technology and Computer Science.
  • IMA + Marketing - Combining Integrated Media Arts and Marketing.
  • IMA + Writing - Combining Integrated Media Arts and Writing.