Alyosha Perez '21

IMA + Communication


I came to Juniata for the multidisciplinary approach to learning in the Integrated Media Arts department. The IMA program gave me the opportunity to meet and work with a variety of individuals with who I would, later on, be able to collaborate, as well as teach me how to use a diverse range of programs and equipment that I never had the experience of using before. As a freshman, the IMA program seemed like the program that would strengthen my professional and creative skills. I wanted to be part of a community where I could also learn from other creative individuals.

Since I wanted to have a well-rounded educational experience, I decided to individualize my POE. I took various communication classes in order to have a better understanding of human communication, as well as learn how to identify a residual message in different media. I also incorporated psychology classes into my POE, as I wanted to learn how to connect with my audiences and leave a positive impact on them. Lastly, I choose several classes in the IMA program. Classes in the IMA program taught me how to use the necessary tools in order to create meaningful content. Academically, individualizing was the best choice I made as it allowed me to learn and incorporate multiple skills and experiences into my degree and education.

Juniata has provided me with many great experiences during my time here. One was working for over a year at the Video Production Team as both a team member and the current Project Manager, which gave me the opportunity to not only work with several community partners on campus but also taught me how to work as a team with others members of the VPT. Working at the VPT allowed me to transfer what I had learned to classes in the IMA program. For example, I edited several graduate-level courses as well as a first-year foundation course for professors, as a member of the Video Production Team. Currently, I am working with Science in Motion to help film and edit their videos to be distributed to elementary and middle schools. I am also currently a videographer for Cookies for Caregivers where I will be helping to create promotional video content as well as instructional videos that will focus on teaching how to use a smartphone to film.

My experience at Juniata both in and out of the classroom has been extremely influential on my future career and career goals. However, I do not know my exact career path after graduation. But in the future, I plan to build an independent production company that will focus on not only creating digital content but on having a positive impact on individuals.

Influential Courses:

  • IM 360 Digital Video Production
  • IM 110 Principles of Digital Media
  • PY 205 Social Psychology
  • AR 204 Digital Art
  • EN 237 Constructing Identities
IMA Courses Psychology Courses Art Courses English Courses

Community Partners:

  • Science in Motion
  • Cookies for Caregivers
“I wanted to be a part of a community where I could learn from other creatives.”