Speak, listen, write, explore.

Communication at Juniata College

Preparation: Whether you choose a Program of Emphasis (POE) in communication or are prepping to speak at a town meeting, communicate via a magazine, television or the web, or make a conference presentation, the Communication Department at Juniata can equip you with the critical thinking skills, understanding of audience, and analytical ability to succeed at prestigious graduate schools, in exciting careers, or while becoming your own boss.

Communication class at Juniata College

Events: Be a part of one of Juniata's oldest traditions, the Bailey Oratorical Contest, a formal speaking competition. Whether in the humanities or the sciences, all students are encouraged to participate, and many do. The honor of being crowned winner by judges who are professors, doctors, and even state representatives--not to mention the prize money--is notably rewarding. Not your cup of tea? Regale audiences with impromptu personal speeches, poems, stories, dance, and music at The Soapbox Speeches, an annual event at Juniata.