Outcomes in Integrated Media Arts

Juniata’s IMA graduates are employed in industry at places like Roadrunner Records, Arts + Labor, AMC, 20th Century Fox, the Penn State Media Center, and independent production companies. Some operate their own businesses in fields such as art, photography, videography and more. They also attend graduate schools in a variety of subjects, many pursuing master’s degrees in fine arts.

Megan Myers '16 - Producer Intern, Arts + Labor, Austin, TX

Lauren Lesser '16 - Digital Storytelling Intern, Marketing, Johnstown, PA

Grace Ensiminger '16 - Disney Attractions Intern

Cat Scholl '15 - Media Intern, GSD&M, Austin, TX

Sonika Chandra '15 - Digital Marketing Specialist, Active Motif, Carlsbad, CA

Agatha Wagoner '14 - Production Manager, Horizon Television, Uganda, Africa

Stephen Nolan '14 - Production Assistant, Leftfield Pictures, New York, NY.  Intern at The Colbert Report, 2013

Monae DeWitt '13 - Intern for Ken Burn's The Roosevelts, 2012

Alex Loughran '12 - Junior Game Designer, Shiver Entertainment.  Master of Entertainment Technology, Game and Interactive Media Design, Carnegie Mellon University

Andy Waplinger '12 - Digital Media Specialist, Booster.com, Boston, MA