Information technology class

Individualized POEs that merge IMA with Information Technology and Computer Science delve deeper into the technological design, makeup, and management of the media. There are issues of software, file formats, size, delivery, storage, and archiving that are vital to organizations that manage media. Designing products for the web and human interaction can enhance our always connected world. Learning how media software operates and being able to write customized code to manipulate your art adds a new set of creative possibilities.

With digital media, you need to have a good grasp of the underlying technology and combining IMA with Information Technology and Computer Science can allow you to engage with the media in diverse ways.

Example titles for individualized POEs merging IMA+IT/CS:

  • Multimedia Technology Strategist
  • Technology and Design
  • Technology Arts and Media
  • Computing, Media Arts, and Technology

Distinct Courses:

  • MA 116 Discrete Structures
  • CS 240 Computer Science II
  • IT 376 Database Management Systems
  • IT 260 Human Computer Interfaces
  • IT 341 Web Design
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