Marketing class

Individualized POEs that merge IMA with Marketing extract the essence of visual arts and multimedia contents in a Marketing context while optimizing the business value delivered by artistic design with creativity and functionality. The interaction of these two POEs links the artistic and scientific aspects of Integrated Media Art and consumer behavioral studies in subjects such as advertising, promotion, interactive marketing and more. From theories to practices, the combination of IMA and Marketing allows students to hone their skills showcasing the innovative digital artwork with their grasp of marketing practice and management.

Example titles for individualized POEs merging IMA + Marketing:

  • Advertising Design
  • Visual Art Marketing
  • Studio Art Marketing
  • Digital Art Marketing
  • Integrated Media Marketing
  • Product Design Management
  • Strategic Multimedia Marketing

Distinct Courses:

  • EB 351 Marketing Management
  • EB 355 Marketing Strategies
  • EB 359 Advertising and Promotion Management
  • EB 480 Senior Seminar
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