Computer Science Secondary Emphasis

To claim a solid background in computer science (as opposed to computer programming), a student needs software design experience, an understanding of the computer hardware and a background in the mathematical basis of computer science. The study of algorithms and computational structures provide a more complete understanding of the science itself.

Course Number Description Credits
CS 110 Computer Science I 3 credits
CS 240 Computer Science II 4 credits
CS 220 Computer Organization 4 credits
CS 315 or
CS 330
Algorithms and Analysis or Computer Graphics 4 credits
3 credits
CS 300 or
CS 370
Software Engineering or
Database Management Systems
3 credits
3 credits
CS 480 Computer Science Seminar 1 credit
MA 116 Discrete Structures 4 credits
CS 3XX An upper level CS elective 3 credits

Total credits = 25-26