Take 15 credit hours beyond the 210 level in consultation with an advisor who teaches the target language. NOTE: Study abroad in a country or region where the target language is the primary language of instruction is recommended.  Courses may include:

FR-210  French III

This is the third course in a the three-semester sequence of beginning and intermediate French. Students will learn and practice more advanced grammatical structures and vocabulary to communicate more spontaneously and fluently with other speakers of French. 

3 CreditsH,I,CS,SWGLSPRE-REQ: French 120 or equivalent. 

FR-230  Conversation

This course focuses on developing the speaking and listening skills of students of French. Students will acquire the language structures and vocabulary to interact with fluent or native speakers of French on a variety of topics without strain for either party. 

3 CreditsH,I,CS,SWGLSPRE-REQ: FR 210 or equivalent. 

FR-260  French Civilization and Culture

An overview of the French culture and civilization in language, art, literature, history, and ideas. 

3 CreditsH,I,CSPrerequisites: FR210 or equivalent. 

FR-270  Francophone Civilization and Culture II

An in-depth introduction to the history and influence of French culture outside Europe. Students will gain a general knowledge of contemporary Francophone cultures that exist throughout the world. 

3 CreditsH,I,CSPrerequisite: FR210 or equivalent. 

FR-299  Special Topics

Allows departments to offer subjects not normally taught. 

1-3 Credits Prerequisites and fees vary by topic. 

FR-326  French Cinema

An overview of the history of French Cinema and various schools of film analysis. Participants in this course view and analyze major examples of French cinema from its origins to today. Discussions are in English. Papers may be written in English or French.

4 CreditsF,I,H,CW 

FR-331  The Craft of Translation

This course introduces high-intermediate and advanced students of French to the formal technics and art of written translation. 

3 CreditsH,I,CWStudents must have completed two 200 level courses taught in French or have instructor permission prior to enrollment. 

FR-399  Special Topics

Provides courses not covered by the regular offerings. These are developed to meet the needs of students of advanced standing and included themes in Medieval & Renaissance Literature and French Women Writers.

1-4 Credits  

Secondary Emphasis Credit Total = 18

Any course exception must be approved by the advisor and/or department chair.