Student Research

  • Joelle Caporaso ’11, “Information Flows in Leninist Systems: A Comparison Between Perestroika and the Hundred Flowers Movement”
  • Arnab Chakrabarti ’11, “Sudan: Growing Tensions Between the United States and China?”
    Manal Daher-Mansour ’10, “Comparing the Current Economies of Post Colonies: French vs. British”
  • Sarah Dotter ’11, “A Political Analysis of Othello”
  • Jessica Fisher ’10, “The Impact of Reaganomics on the Economy of the United States”
  • Zachary Gordon ’11, “The New Solid South”
  • John Huffstetler ’11, “American Indian Founders?”
  • Jessica Labella ’09, “Assessment of the Roots of Russian Academic Corruption and Its Possible Remedies”
  • Kathryn Martucci ’11, “How International Law Has Influenced the United States”
  • Tiereney Miller ’11, “Accepting a Failing System: The United States Public Education System”
  • Elizabeth Van Blarcom ’11, “The Politics of Soccer: The Power of the Global Game”
  • Anne Wakabayashi ’11, “The West Wing and the American Presidential Ideal”
  • Michelle Yockelson ’11, “Challenging Modern Assumptions: Democracy in Pre-colonial Africa”

Faculty Research

  • Jack Barlow
  • Emil Nagengast
  • Dennis Plane