Don Braxton

Recent Research

  • Kirwin Seger '20: "Religious Diversity and Higher Education." 
  • Beck Branton '20: "The Justification for Atheism in a Modern Society." 
  • Matthew Colabella '18: "Feminist Critiques of Post-Shoah Theology." 
  • Emily Parker '18: "No Young People in the Pews: A Study of Unitarian Universalist Emerging Adults." 
  • Devin Ryman '17: "Her Body, God's Choice: The Impact of the Catholic Church in State Abortion Policies."
  • Jessica Toot ’13: “Levirate Marriage in the Bible: Support for Women in an Androcentric Society."

Faculty Research and Publications

  • Don Braxton

  • Robert Miller

  • Susan Prill