The Juniata College library was founded 23 years after the college's inception, its evolution has been driven by dedicated individuals and a commitment to excellence. In 1907, Andrew Carnegie's generous donation paved the way for a new library building named Carnegie Hall, which later transformed into the Juniata College Museum of Art. By 1963, the vision of Beeghly Library materialized through the generosity of Leon Beeghly, an industrialist renowned for his philanthropic endeavors.
In a step toward elevating the academic experience, the Juniata College Library embarked on a transformative journey in 2016. With groundbreaking enthusiasm, we initiated the expansion and enhancement of our library, poised to evolve into the Statton Learning Commons. This ambitious project seeks to redefine the learning landscape, creating an environment that fosters collaboration, innovation, and boundless exploration.


Commons A rendering
Group Study rendering


With unwavering dedication to providing cutting-edge resources and spaces that facilitate modern pedagogy, we took this monumental stride to honor the legacy of Tim and Kathy Statton. Their commitment to education and advancement resonates deeply with our mission. The expansion reflects a vision where students, faculty, and staff can connect, engage, and create in an inclusive and dynamic setting.


Tutoring rendering
Writing Center rendering


A public opening is scheduled for the spring 2024 semester. Together, we look forward to unveiling the Statton Learning Commons.