Beachley Distinguished Awards

Due to an additional grant by Donovan Beachley, Sr., to the Beachley Distinguished Professor award fund we are pleased to announce that starting with the 1988-89 academic year, there will be two awards: the Beachley Award for Distinguished Teaching and the Beachley Award for Distinguished Academic Service. Each award will be worth $5,000.

The selection criteria for these awards will be as follows:

Beachley Award for Distinguished Teaching

  • Comprehensive knowledge of the field
  • Organization and presentation of subject matter
  • Stimulation of thinking and development of understanding
  • Arousal of interest
  • Demonstration of resourcefulness
  • Scholarly activities

Beachley Award for Distinguished Academic Service

  • Distinguished research and publications
  • Outstanding services to students through advising, counseling, or development of student-related activities
  • Outstanding service to the College through curriculum or departmental development, committee activities, or college-wide activities (admissions, development, etc.)
  • Development of innovative or creative programs
  • Other points of strength which the nominator desires to present

For both awards it is expected that eligible faculty would have demonstrated many years of exemplary service.

To be considered for one of these awards a faculty member must be nominated. Nominations may be submitted by any individual or group of individuals from within the following Juniata constituencies:

  1. Full-time students
  2. Alumni
  3. Faculty and/or Administration
  4. Trustees

Each nomination must be presented in writing to the Provost and be accompanied by a signed supporting statement based upon the criteria given above.

There will be no limit to the number of times an individual may be nominated for the award except that, once a person has received the award, he or she shall not be eligible to be nominated again until a period of at least three years has elapsed.

After the closing date the nominations which have been received will be reviewed by a committee which will select the person to be the recipient of the award. The Committee will consist of the President of the College, the Provost, the President of the Student Body, and the winners of the award in the previous three years.

The recipients will receive the award at the Spring Awards Convocation. If in the opinion of the Committee no nomination is sufficiently supported, it may declare that no award should be given that particular year.

The Henry H. '57 and Joan R. Gibbel Award for Teaching Excellence

By a faculty member with less than 6 years experience


The committee grants the award to a tenure-track faculty member who has taught at Juniata College for six years or fewer. The award is presented to an exemplary faculty member who excels in teaching and scholarship and who has made a notable contribution to the academic program. The relative weighting of these endeavors follows.

  1. Teaching excellence: 60%
  2. Active engagement in scholarship (scholarship as defined by the Faculty Handbook): 20%
  3. Contribution to the academic program: 20%

Nomination Procedure

Nominations are solicited by April 1.

Members of the faculty, student body, and administrators with faculty rank may nominate faculty members that exemplify the criteria of the award. The nomination includes a rationale.

Award Committee and Stipulations

  1. The committee consists of the President, Provost, President of Student Government, and the three previous awardees.
  2. Upon receipt of the nominations, the committee may ask the nominees to submit additional material to help the committee make its decision.
  3. The presentation of the award is reserved for exemplary fulfillment of the criteria. The committee does not need to grant the award every year.
  4. The award is given to a single person.