To be eligible, a candidate must be a full-time faculty member of the department who is familiar with Juniata College 's academic policies and procedures. An exception can be made to the full-time requirement in special circumstances.


The Provost will consult extensively with the department and with proposed candidates before recommending a candidate to the department and the President. Following this consultation, the Provost will forward a nomination to the President. After consultation with the Provost, the President formally appoints the nominee as Chair. The chair serves a three year term which may be renewed based on performance review by Provost.


  • Basic Functions
    • The Chair is the liaison between the Administration and the Faculty in the department.
    • The Chair receives information, requests, and tasks from a variety of campus sources and channels them to the members of the department. The chair channels the responses back to the various originators. The “campus sources” include administrators, faculty committees and student groups. The Chair is responsible for helping department members set and achieve department goals. The Chair also serves as an advocate for ideas and plans originating from within the department.
  • Major Responsibilities
    • Budget
      • Prepare the annual budget request
      • Monitor monthly reports of expenditures and manage the P-card system
      • Authorize purchases and reimbursements
    • Curriculum
      • Coordinate departmental assessment and planning
      • Complete and submit course approval forms
      • Complete and submit designated-POE forms and Secondary Emphasis requirements where applicable
    • Scheduling
      • Submit the schedule of course offerings for the following academic year by the required date
      • Request part-time per-course faculty positions
      • Request courses taught by other departments
      • Work with the Assistant Provost to schedule the department's contribution to General Education
    • Personnel
      • Coordinate the hiring of new faculty
      • Perform evaluations according to section 2.5 of the Faculty Handbook. Consult with the Provost on personnel decisions involving department members
      • Coordinate planning for professional development activities and present departmental recommendation on requests
      • Work with members of the department to develop an equitable workload plan
      • Meet regularly with new faculty to help them understand college and departmental policies and procedures
      • Manage the periodic review process for individual faculty members and meet annually with the Provost to discuss the goal statements and self-assessments of departmental faculty
  • Facilities
    • Administer departmental properties, laboratory usage, maintenance of equipment
    • Control keys and passes
    • Negotiate for space allocation and for shared facilities
  • Outside Department
    • Coordinate personnel to represent department at all functions where a member is needed (e.g., open houses)
    • Coordinate purchases under Library budget with Library personnel
    • Coordinate activities with external accrediting agencies
    • Coordinate departmental activities with non-departmental entities
    • Attend monthly meetings of department chairs
  • Students
    • Review student requests and concerns (transfer credits, special requests to the department, etc.)
    • Coordinate outcomes assessments of students and alumni with POEs in the department
    • Recommend students for certification in external accreditation programs
    • Recommend students for graduation with distinction in the POE
  • Reporting Relationships
    • The Department Chair reports to the Provost
    • The chair supervises:
      • Full-time faculty
      • Part-time faculty
      • Secretaries (if applicable)
      • Student assistants
      • Faculty from other departments teaching courses within the department
  • Extent of Formal Decision-Making Authority
    • The chair has the authority to make decisions necessary to complete the responsibilities of the position. Examples include:
      • To determine, after consultation with department members, department course offerings.
      • To authorize purchase orders and reimbursements.
      • To approve or disapprove requests from departmental faculty to be absent from campus for professional activities. (See section 2.9.3 in the Faculty Handbook.)
      • To authorize line transfers within the pre-approved departmental budget (according to the guidelines issued by the Controller's Office) and to communicate such budgetary decisions to the Provost.
    • It is likely that the Chair will be called upon regularly to make recommendations on the following:
      • The hiring of part-time faculty
      • The effectiveness and efficiency of departmental staff and program
      • The adequacy of existing instructional resources and the appropriate timetable for replacement or purchase of new equipment
  • Rules, Policies and Procedures Governing the Position
    • The Chair is governed by the faculty manual, and is therefore expected to be familiar with the policies and procedures therein.


The Provost will annually recommend to the President a stipend to be offered to the Department Chair for the semesters during which s/he serves as Chair. Upon agreement by both the Department Chair and the Provost, this stipend may be replaced or supplemented by appropriate released time.


A Department Chair can be relieved of administrative duties at any time during the term of appointment. The President can relieve the Department Chair of administrative duties if there is a clear indication of the necessity for such action, but only after extensive consultation with the department members and the Provost and only after the Chair has had the opportunity to respond to the President concerning the allegation or problem. Being relieved of administrative duties does not affect the Chair's status as a faculty member.

Temporary Absence

When a Department Chair is to be absent for a period of one month or less, the Chair has the authority to appoint a substitute from within the department after consultation with the Provost. When the absence is unforeseen or will be for more than one month, the Provost will appoint an Acting Chair after consultation with the department.