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This generation of college students expects to eat as well on campus as off campus, and as well as they ate at home before leaving for college. That’s why we focus on serving high-quality and natural ingredients from local farms and producers of food. Prepared from scratch, our chefs transform fresh produce, leafy greens and proteins into nutritious menu items that are full of aroma, texture and rich taste!

We also offer a variety of food options for special diets, including guests with food allergies. We want our guests to feel confident that their special dietary needs are met with easy access to nutritional information. Whether you’ve made a lifestyle choice or have specific dietary needs, it shouldn’t stop you from enjoying our safely-prepared food.

Personalized dining is also a staple on how we serve our guests. Our friendly, caring, and knowledgeable team members make it a point to get to know their guests!

Parkhurst works closely with you to understand your goals and the culture of your school. We stay abreast of campus dining trends and help you design inviting spaces, while customizing a nourishing, farm-fresh and flavorful guest experience that creates more than just a place for students to dine; it’s their second home!

A resident dining program should never be dull or restrictive. It’s the gathering place where we serve a variety of fresh, healthy, and great tasting food. We call it the “wow” factor, where menu items are rotated weekly, freshly composed salads are featured on the salad bar, and premium late night options are always offered! Students also enjoy special event catering. From Local Food Dinners to our highly acclaimed Guest Chefs series, our chefs provide a culinary "education" as they describe the fresh ingredients and local agriculture used to prepare the selections, and will also make recommendations if guests ask for complimentary flavors.

Our meal plan programs give students the flexibility to eat when they want to, all while promoting dining services as a destination to live and learn!

Andrew Liggett
General Manager, Juniata College
Parkhurst Dining Services