What is the Senior Gift Campaign?

The Senior Class Gift Campaign is a student-led fundraising initiative by the Senior Class Gift Campaign Committee (SCGCC) to emphasize the importance of giving back to Juniata College.  This is our first chance as alumni to leave a legacy and celebrate our years at Juniata. 

What is the gift?

We are happy to announce that our senior class gift will be the renovation of the Ellis Ballroom! The ballroom is an area that every person coming to Juniata sees and uses at some point. Parents at orientation have meetings in that area, we have speakers come in and present in the ballroom, Liberal Arts symposium has projects displayed there, we use the space for tenting and for many special meals. We will be able to come back and use this space ourselves during our reunions. Let’s work together to donate an exceptional gift by contributing as much as possible.

What does the Senior Class Gift Campaign do with my money?

The funds collected from the Senior Class Gift Campaign go directly to the gift that our class is donating to Juniata. 

I’m graduating and I’m poor- Why should I participate?

Why shouldn’t you? This is one of the first chances as an alum to give back to your home over the last four years. This is an opportunity to thank those donors who have helped your Juniata experience and to help add value to campus for future students. 

All the things on campus –friends, professors, dorms, trees – made Juniata home. Donors give to help you have the best experience, so now it is time for you to do the same. Our gift adds value to Juniata and to the campus community. Our school is only as good as we make it. 

Who has given?

Visit “Student Donors” to see a full list of Seniors who have pledged. 

How do I donate?

Click here to support the gift financially. We accept Matriculation fees and credit cards.