Magazine ~ Spring 2021

Students climb a rock wall

Maggie Taylor ’22, left, and Brenden Gardner ’21, celebrated their ascent of a rock-climbing tower with a high five at a special Spring Mountain Day April 14. Photo: Candice Hersh

Students climb a rock wall

Maggie Taylor ’22, left, and Brenden Gardner ’21, celebrated their ascent of a rock-climbing tower with a high five at a special Spring Mountain Day April 14. Photo: Candice Hersh

A Letter from President Troha

President Troha

Dear Friends,

Not long ago, we marked one year since a virus brought the world around us to a halt. In a year marked by challenges and crisis, Juniata has redefined what it means to be a community. We move into spring with renewed hope and appreciation for our place here in central Pennsylvania and the people around us.

As you enjoy this edition of the Juniata magazine, join me in celebrating our outstanding programs, faculty, staff, students, and alumni. We highlight the experiences of our first-generation to college students as well as the mentorship offered by faculty and staff members who are themselves the first in their families to attend college. The vibrance of our ABE program is spotlighted as well, giving a glimpse into the work of our talented faculty and students who carry their spirit of service and leadership into the business world.

I hope you are filled with pride as you learn more about the outstanding work of Juniatians who have committed their time and talents to others, caring for those fighting COVID-19, baking cookies for those on the frontline, sharing camaraderie and spirit through video story-telling, conducting research, or serving in positions to advise change.

Every step of the way, we have felt the support from our community near and far. Your gifts continue to make our efforts to provide an engaging, personalized educational experience possible.

James A. Troha


Dr. Eliot Fagley ’98, M.D.

Critical Thinking Skills Vital for Alum on Pandemic’s Frontline

Eliot Fagley ’98 graduated from high school with a clear plan for his future. He wanted to be a doctor. Choosing a liberal arts institution for his undergraduate degree was a decision that not only got him off to a successful start in his career, but helped him navigate the unprecedented challenges ahead. The leadership skills and knowledge learned during his years at Juniata are invaluable as a healthcare worker on the frontline of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Reggie Onyido with students

Students, Faculty, and Staff Form EDI Council

Inclusion is more than an idea at Juniata. It is central to our mission. As such, the newly-formed Juniata College Council for Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI Council) began its vital work on campus during the Fall 2020 semester.

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First Generation celebration

First-Generation Forerunners

What is college? The easy answer is a place to learn material for future gainful employment. But the response is more complex than that. It is an opportunity to study, to discover, to grow, to challenge and to be challenged. It is likewise an institution with nuances and norms, many that are unfamiliar to their students.

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Mock Trial Competition

Making a Case for Collegiate Mock Trial

When Meadow Walshaw-Wertz of Sunbury, Pa., was looking at colleges, she argued against coming to Juniata.

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As Nation Casts Doubt on Higher Ed, Juniata Department Excels at Workforce Preparation

It’s no secret that colleges and universities have faced their share of challenges in recent years. Perhaps the most devastating blow—especially at an institution like Juniata and in a department like the accounting, business, and economics (ABE) department—was the criticism that higher education isn’t actually preparing students for the workforce. On the contrary, student needs and experiential learning opportunities are top priorities in the program.

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Student Vlogs

Team of Digital Storytellers Share Campus Life

A team of four digital storytellers, Anna Sule ’22, Claire Alfree ’22, Rohan Bandekar ’22, and Daniel Muleady ’21, are using their individual experiences, talents, and interests to share life at Juniata via vlogging.

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Rusty Crayfish Research

Finding a Living Laboratory for Aquatic Ecological Research

Coming to Juniata College five years ago was something of a watershed moment for George Merovich, associate professor of environmental science.

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Cookies for Caregivers

Cookies for Caregivers Becomes National Kindness Movement

When Scott McKenzie, associate director for athletic operations and associate athletic director, and Jeremy Uhrich started competing against each other in a fun-filled cookie baking competition, little did they know they would soon be leading a national kindness movement.

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Partnership Pathways

Partnerships Provide Transfer Pathways to Juniata

There are many paths to Juniata, and for graduates of two of the region’s community colleges, the route is clearer than ever!

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The Best of Juniata Sports Photography

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