Procurement of Radioactive Material

Revision 0 (8/2003)

    1. This procedure provides instructions for the procurement of radioactive materials by authorized personnel at Juniata College.
    1. Every order for radioisotopes must be placed by an authorized user (UA) as listed below.
    2. Each order must be counter-approved by Dr. Jill Keeney, Radiation Safety Officer (RSO).
    3. A hard copy of the order must be forwarded to the RSO for record keeping.
    4. When the order is placed, DO NOT use 1700 Moore Street as an address. Use VLCS, 601 17TH Street.
    5. The name and office room number of the purchaser should be placed on the delivery label. The carrier is then obligated to deliver the package directly to the purchaser.
    6. Please notify the post office in Ellis of the approximate delivery date of the package. If the carrier takes the package to the main receiving room in Ellis, the mail room personnel should refuse to sign for these packages.
    7. If the package should inadvertently be delivered to the main Post Office in Ellis Hall, personnel at the Post Office should:
      1. Segregate the package from other incoming items in a secured area.
      2. If the package is wet or crushed, do not touch or handle it.
      3. Immediately notify the purchaser to pick up the material
      4. If the purchaser is not obvious, notify the RSO, Dr. Jill Keeney, ext. 3577. By law, the package must be picked up within three hours of delivery.
    8. Currently, authorized users of radioactive materials are:
      1. Dr. Jill Keeney, RSO (all isotopes)
      2. Dr. Norm Siems (polonium-210 and Cobalt-60)
      3. Dr. Randy Bennett (Sulfur-35, Phosphorus-32, Phosphorus-33, and Iodine-125)
      4. Dr. Ruth Reed (Hydrogen-3 and Carbon-14)