Radioactive Material Receipt Survey Methods

Revision 0 (8/2003)

    1. This procedure provides instructions for the proper receipt and survey of incoming radioactive material packages.
    1. Radioactive material packages must be surveyed as soon as practical, but no longer than 3 hours after receipt of package.
    2. If package is received outside of normal working hours, the licensee has three hours after the beginning of the next work day.
    1. Gloves must be worn to prevent hand contamination. If possible, open package behind a plexiglass shield for maximum protection.
    2. Visually inspect the package for any sign of damage (e.g. crushed, punctured). If damage is noted, stop and notify the RSO, Jill Keeney, VLCS
    3. Check DOT White I, Yellow II or Yellow III label or packing slip for activity of contents, so shipment does not exceed license possession limits.
    4. Monitor the external surfaces of the package by wipe test. Be sure that no removable counts are on the outside of the shipping container/box.
    5. Open the outer package (following supplier's directions if provided) and remove packing slip.
    6. Open inner package to verify contents (compare requisition, packing slip and label on the bottle or other container).
    7. Check integrity of the final source container (e.g. inspecting for breakage of seals or vials, loss of liquid, discoloration of packaging material, high count rate on smear).
    8. Again, check that the shipment does not exceed license possession limits. If you find anything other than expected, stop and notify the RSO.
    9. Survey the packing material (the inside of the box) and packages (the inner container) for contamination by both wipe testing and survey meter.
    10. If no contamination is found, obliterate the radiation labels prior to discarding in the regular trash.
    11. If contamination is found on the vial containing radioactive material, clean the outside of the container and resurvey (wipe test) to confirm that no removable radioactivity remains. Place the vial in the small refrigerator in VLCS, Room 1146.
    12. Record the date, the wipe test results and the survey meter results directly on the packing slip, and then forward the packing slip to the RSO, Jill Keeney, for record keeping. The RSO is required by the NRC to maintain records of receipt, package survey, and wipe test results.
    13. When removable radioactive surface contamination exceeds the limits of 10 CFR 71.87(I); or external radiation levels exceed the limits of 10 CFR 71.47, notify the final carrier by telephone, telegram, mailgram, or facsimile, the Administrator of the appropriate NRC Regional Office (listed in 10 CFR 20, Appendix D).
    14. Fill out the isotope and reference date sections of a "Radioactivity Usage Log" form and place the form on a clip board hanging on the wall in VLCS, Room 1146.