Surveys of Radioactive Material Use and Storage Areas

Revision 0 (8/2003)

    1. This procedure describes the survey methods to be employed when performing radiological surveys of radioactive material use and storage areas.
    1. When radioisotopes are in active use in a laboratory, surveys must be conducted weekly. At least one documented survey must be performed monthly.
    2. When isotopes are not in active use, surveys must be conducted every 6 months. However, if an isotope is in storage decay, the storage area must be monitored weekly.
    3. Per NRC requirements, each survey record should include the following:
      1. A diagram of the area surveyed
      2. A list of items and equipment surveyed
      3. Specific locations on the survey diagram where wipe test was taken
      4. Ambient radiation levels with appropriate units
      5. Contamination levels with appropriate units
      6. Make and model number of instruments used
      7. Background levels
      8. Name of the person making the evaluation and recording the results and date
    4. Licensees should record contamination levels observed and procedures followed for incidents involving contamination of individuals or a work area. The record should include the following:
      1. Names of individuals involved
      2. Description of work activities
      3. Calculated dose
      4. Probable causes (including root causes)
      5. Steps taken to reduce future incidents of contamination
      6. Times and dates and the surveyor's signature
    1. Perform a wipe test of each of the areas shown on the diagram of VLCS, Room 1146. Also, if 32P or 33P is being utilized in radiological experiments, survey each of these areas using the survey meter.
    2. Record the activity level for each area on the form found in the white record keeping notebook in VLCS, Room 1146.
    3. Removable activity greater than 100 dpm/100 cm2 is considered contamination and must be decontaminated as follows:
      1. Clean the affected area(s) (using water or rad-con)
      2. Resurvey the area by wipe test.
      3. Record decontamination efforts and results of post-decontamination wipe tests on the survey form.