Revision 1 (12/2009)

    1. This procedure provides notification instructions and emergency response actions in the case of an emergency involving radioactive materials.
    1. In case of any emergency involving radioisotopes contact:
      • Jill Keeney
        Radiation Safety Officer
        VLCS, Room 1074
        On campus extension: 3577
        Home phone: 643-0339 or 641-0156
    2. In case of non-availability of Dr. Keeney, contact:
      • Roy Nagle
        Director of Environmental Health and Safety
        VLCS, Room 2059
        On campus extension: 3555
        Home phone: 667-0959


        Juniata College Public Safety

        Telephone: (814) 641-3636 (24 hour phone)

    3. If none of the above can be reached, contact:
      • Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection, Emergency Response, Southcentral Region
        909 Elmerton Avenue Harrisburg, PA 17110
        Telephone: (877) 333-1904 (24 hour phone)


    a.  In case of a radioactive material spill:

      1. Wear gloves. Blot up any liquid with absorbent paper. Place absorbent paper in radiation disposal container. Label clearly with the nucleotide.
      2. Scrub the area with water and blot it up. Place wet absorbent paper in radioactive material disposal container.
      3. Check the area for contamination with the survey meter set on the most sensitive scale (x 0.1). If the spill involves low-energy beta emitting materials (35S, 14C, 3H), perform a wipe test.
      4. If detectable activity still remains (by survey or wipe test), spray area with Rad-con and blot up. Resurvey.
      5. If detectable activity still remains, mark contaminated area clearly with radiation safety warning tape, label clearly what isotope is present, and if possible, place shielding over the contaminated area.
      6. Report the incident IMMEDIATELY to the Radiation Safety Officer.
    b.  In case of possible ingestion of radioactive materials:
      1. Induce vomiting immediately.
      2. Go to the Emergency Room of JC Blair Memorial Hospital.
      3. Have the Emergency Room contact the Radiation Safety Officer.