Meet the Juniata College students that are turning business ideas into reality.


The 2019-20 Student Entrepreneurs


Syed Shirazi '20 & Tristan Moore '21

Simple Storage

Being an international or out-of-state student can make moving everything back to college difficult. After realizing that there could be an easier way for these students to move things back to their dorms, Syed Shirazi and Tristan Moore created "Simple Storage." Their startup aims to help students who live further away from the college by  picking up and storing their items in a secure and weather proof building during the summer. When the students come back for the school year, they will also deliver the items back to the dorms of the students.
Simple Storage has plans to expand in the future by creating a mobile app to simplify signing up for their service. They also plan on offering their services to other colleges and more storage options for students to choose from.


Morgan Instone '20 & Alex Flocken '20

M&A Cupping TherapyAlex and Morgan at LAS

Morgan Instone and Alex Flocken are excited to start a Cupping Therapy Service. Morgan is certified to perform Cupping Therapy which is a hands-on and holistic approach to providing therapeutic, non-invasive medicine.


Julia Newman '21, Sarah Borgardt '21, 

& Evelyn McCammon '21

Gambian Art Coalition

GAC purchasing goods from a local artisan 
By starting the Gambian Art Coalition (GAC), this team is launching an e-commerce store to help promote Gambian artist and sell their incredible work. 
At the Gambian Art Coalition, our goal is to promote sustainable development in The Gambia through collaborating with local artists and investing in their communities. We will be traveling to The Gambia for five weeks this summer to meet artists, learn more about the country, and purchase our initial inventory of artisan crafts, jewelry, and other goods to be sold online through our website.
We are working with Juniata College’s Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership (JCEL) and the Sill Business Incubator to develop the business model for the Gambian Art Coalition. In March, we earned a NextStep Fellowship – a program run through the JCEL. Through the NextStep Fellowship, we are provided with funds to run customer interviews and software to help us design our business plan. We are anticipating an August launch of the Gambian Art Coalition.

Dallas Huff '19 and Kyle Bargo '18

 Bizi MarketplaceBizi Marketplace at Juniata Coleege

Realizing the exorbitant cost students pay for textbooks each year, Kyle Bargo and Dallas Huff created the Bizi Marketplace mobile application. This app allows Juniata College students to buy, sell, and exchange products. By signing up with their school emails students will be able to see products listed by their classmates. Huff and Bargo also have reached out to local businesses to support the application with in-app promotions. They feel that the connection between the town and the students deeply benefits both parties involved. Bizi Marketplace will be coming to IOS and Android this Fall.


Issac Fisher '20

Dimensions at Juniata College

Isaac Fisher has created a 3D printing business called Dimensions where he creates various products for people throughout the Huntingdon community. Working with Dr. Johnathan Burns (Professor of Anthropology and Director of the Cultural Resource Institute) Isaac has been able to scan and print copies of artifacts from a local site called Sheep Rock Shelter. These copies enable anyone, from elementary school student to seasoned archaeologist, to examine these relics while keeping the originals safe. Check out the story local news station WJAC recently aired about their work. 
Isaac has also worked closely with AssureTech, another JCEL startup, to help develop and print their insulated EpiPen container. In addition to that, he has been busy creating and printing a functional prototype of a tool designed to aid first responders, making attachments for Dr. Richard Hark (Professor of Chemistry and Chair of the Chemistry Department) LISB gun which helps analyze metals and printing mounts for various cars.