Meet Juniata College students that are turning an idea into reality. 


Joseph DiGangi:

Joey DiGangi

Joseph is working on a business idea that was inspired by his own personal experience with allergies. With the help of 3 teammates, he is working on a product and related service that will make it easier for people with allergies to get help when they need it and to make everyday life for those living with allergies, like finding a good place to eat, more convenient. Currently Joseph and his teammates are in the R&D stage, validating the size and scope of the market, and using 3D printing to design and create a conceptual prototype.

Amy Chen:


Amy's business idea is to create an efficient mobile app to educate voters on their elected officials who will be running for office, locally, statewide, and nationally. Amy came up with her idea because she realized what a big problem it is that voters are making decisions inside the booth or not voting at all due to the lack of resources to learn more about their candidates and their issues. Through the app voters have access to unbiased facts helping them become more educated on issues and candidate for which they vote. This app, will also have resources on poll location, voter registration deadline, etc. JCEL has helped her with getting the data she needed and determining whether her assumptions were true or false, by helping her form proper questions to ask potential consumers.

Maddie Jocye:


Maddie Jocye is currently pursuing two business ideas. She recently created her own personal training business called MJoyFit and has partnered with Fit Lab on the Juniata campus offering free Fitness Classes every Tuesday and Thursday from 12-1 pm, Conditioning Classes every Friday from 12-1 pm and also offers one on one personal training. Maddie created a website,, through which she offers fitness and healthy eating typs, exercise demonstration videos, and her own MJoyfit gear.

Maddie has incorporated fitness into her Entrepreneurship POE.  After graduation, she hopes to establish her own location for personal training and fitness business. Juniata, she believes is the perfect starting point for her business to see the potential it has to grow into something bigger. Her goal is to reach as many people as she can and make a small impact in someone’s life for a greater outcome. 

The other idea Maddie is pursuing, is to create a tablet that cleans and sanitizes a dirty protein bottle on the go, because cleaning these bottles afterwards is very hard. An active user of protein drinks, she was looking for an easier solution for cleaning them between workouts. Currently she is recruiting chemistry and bio students that will get hands-on experience by helping her to create the product and test it. JCEL has provided her with the resources she needs, including access to a workspace and helping her make connections to those that can support her R&D. Feeling comfortable the market is ready, within the next year, Maddie hopes to have developed a prototype and file a patent on the product.