The 2018 Liberal Arts Symposium Student Startup Showcase

What’s your big idea?

During our 2018 Student Startup Showcase, our students presented on how they are turning their business startup ideas into reality. Our Showcase featured students Kyle Bargo and Dallas Huff (BiziMarketplace), Elke Arnesen (Portraits with a Story), Jordan Couttien (JoJoByJordan), Joey DiGangi (AssureTech), and Maddie Joyce (ProClean). Each student presented their startup ideas and the process they went through to develop their business models. After each presentation, they answered questions about their businesses.

Our Showcase is an opportunity for students working on startup projects to highlight all the hard work they’ve put into trying to start a business. Each young entrepreneur grounds their startup venture in the idea that they are solving problems they know people have. Their process begins with identifying a problem and making assumptions about various elements of the business model. After, students get busy conducting market research and customer interviews to validate and invalidate those assumptions in order to ensure they are providing a solution to the market that has validated they have the problem.