Juniata’s institutional Facebook presence allows alumni to reconnect to their alma mater and provides alumni and current students with current news about our organization. It functions as a communications tool for audiences to hear about Juniata’s greatest accomplishments and points of pride. These outcomes are also points of esteem for employees of Juniata, many of whom follow and contribute to the Juniata Facebook page. The page is also a place to promote philanthropy for the College.

Please note that Juniata’s Office of Admission also has a Facebook presence by which they provide customer service and College information to prospective students and their parents. This can be found at: https://www.facebook.com/JuniataAdmission 



Although it is largely used as a channel through which we can communicate news about Juniata’s success and videos about the College, our Twitter channel is also a means of two-way communication between current students, recent alumni, and our institution. Prospective students follow us on Twitter when considering and, most often, when accepted to Juniata. It is the home of popular conversations around #JuniataLAS (our Liberal Arts Symposium), our #Bailey oratorical, and other traditions like #MountainDay.

Please note that Juniata’s Office of Admissions also has a Twitter presence with which they promote events and deadlines. This can be found at: https://twitter.com/juniataenroll 



Our institutional YouTube channel features short videos about our College that tell prospective students, alumni, and friends about life at Juniata and the educational journeys of our students.



On Juniata’s Instagram account, prospective students, current students, and alumni are given a photographic glimpse of campus sites, events, clubs, study abroad, and other educational opportunities available through Juniata. The app gives current students an opportunity to present their points of view of campus.



Juniata’s LinkedIn page is also a place to learn about the successes of our College. But, the content and news shared on this social network is professional in nature, meaning that we often tell stories about the internships, research, and the career accomplishments of our students and graduates on this channel.