Green Dot

Hundreds of research studies have shown that thousands in the US and around the world are victims of sexual assault, partner violence, and stalking every year. Each incident hurts us all. These acts of violence are like red dots covering a map, much like an epidemic spreading out of control if not stopped. But, we CAN stop violence and you are a part of the solution. Through your words, your choices and your actions in any given moment, you can add a “green dot” to our map – displacing a red dot – and making a difference.

A “Green Dot” symbolizes a single moment in time that can be used to end perpetration or support victims of violence. A green dot is intervening in a high risk situation – a green dot is talking to your friends about how you feel about violence – a green dot is hanging a prevention poster in your room – a green dot is wearing your green dot gear – a green dot is putting a link to your local prevention program on your website – a green dot is organizing a training for your organization. A green dot is simply your individual choice at any given moment to make our community safer.

Remember the 3 Ds of bystander intervention--direct, distract, delegate.

Direct: Intervene in a situation  by directly addressing those involved. 

Distract: Indirectly intervene by intentionally distracting those involved. Think of this option as diffusing the situation without directly addressing what you are witnessing.

Delegate: If you do not feel comfortable intervening yourself, you can ask someone else to help who may be more equipped or a better fit for the situation.

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