What to Expect When Reporting to the College


Report of Title IX or Code of Conduct Violation submitted

A Title IX/Code of Conduct report can be submitted either through our online reporting link, over the phone, via e-mail, or in-person. Anyone is able to submit a report. They do not have to be a member of the campus community nor do they have to be the person who may have experienced the harm. There’s no statute of limitations as to when a person can file a report.

Reports may be submitted anonymously, but doing so may limit the degree to which additional helpful or necessary information might be collected.


Initial Assessment

Once a report is submitted, a review is made to determine whether it may constitute a possible violation of College Policy and to respond to any immediate health or safety concerns raised by the report. If the information appears to rise to either a Title IX or Code of Conduct (or both) violation, staff will conduct outreach to involved parties, including those who may have experienced harm.


Initial Outreach

A member of the Dean of Students staff or Title IX team will conduct outreach to those involved, including the person who allegedly experienced the harm via e-mail. The message contains information about their rights, available resources/supportive measures, as well as an invitation to meet with a member of the staff.


Intake Meeting

Meeting with a Dean of Students staff member is encouraged but is completely voluntary. The party can also have an advisor/support person attend any meeting with them. The purpose of the meeting is to review the party’s rights, available resources, supportive measures, resolution options, and what leads to and follows the filing of a formal complaint.


Interim and Supportive Measures

Interim and supportive measures are those designed to mitigate the effects of the alleged prohibited conduct and prevents recurrence.


These do not expire and can be implemented and adapted at any time, even if the party doesn’t want to initiate a formal resolution process.


Possible Outcomes

Explore Resolution Options: To hold an individual accountable for alleged prohibited conduct, the reporting party can pursue any of the following resolution options:

  • A college resolution process
    • Formal grievance process
    • Alternative resolution process
  • Criminal process
  • Both
  • None of the above

Using/participating in a resolution process is not mandatory.


More information

Kat Matic
Title IX Coordinator