Firearms and Related Items

Illegal and/or dangerous weapons, including but not limited to BB / pellet guns, sling shots, and pneumatic weapons that resemble a real firearm, are not permitted on campus. Violators will be subject to disciplinary action and arrested if appropriate.

Airsoft guns, gel pellet guns, salt shooters, and other devices modified or manufactured to fire high velocity projectiles are not permitted in academic, administrative, and residence hall buildings. The aforementioned devices are dangerous and disruptive to the learning environment and violators will be subject to disciplinary action. 

Legal and approved firearms used for sport, target shooting, or hunting, ammunition , archery equipment, knives and other edged - weapons with blades exceeding three inches, and/or devices that can be considered a danger to the campus community must be registered and stored in the Public Safety Office. Firearms that are being stored at the Raystown Field Station must be registered with college staff designee and kept in the gun safe on site.

Handguns and assault weapon platforms are prohibited from being registered.

Students must complete an application/registration for each firearm.

All firearms being transported to or from campus must be secured and placed within an approved firearms carrying case.

Registered firearms and/or dangerous weapons are not permitted In administrative/ academic buildings or college residence halls. Failure to comply with this regulation may result in expulsion from the college and/ or arrest.

Public Safety or college staff designee reserves the right to not sign out a firearm to a student if they appear to be in an altered mental state, under the Influence, or the request is not consistent with traditional hunting times.

With proper identification and registration card, students may sign-out their registered items by contacting the Public Safety Office or college staff designee.