Before I entered college, being "green" was nothing that concerned me, but Juniata has made me more aware and want things to change. The effort put forth by Juniata is making a difference and the community is evolving. - Josh Beaver '09

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Juniata is committed to reduce impacts on the environment in a number of different ways. We recognize the value of thoughtful, sustainable practices and the importance of campus and community involvement. Considered a leading force in certain aspects, Juniata has been on the forefront of many environmentally conscious efforts, including the construction of Raystown Field Station, a LEED certified building, and many community activities like Recycle-Mania and the Raystown Lake Clean-up Day.


The EPA recognized Juniata College for purchasing green energy in the 2008-2009 school year. Juniata placed second in the Landmark conference for total green power purchased, and tied for first for the percentage of total power (30%).


  • The men's restrooms in Ellis Hall have waterless urinals.
  • Founder's Hall is set to become a LEED Certified Green building, the second for Juniata.
  • Juniata only offers certified organic, fair trade coffee.
  • Juniata's biodiesel program takes used fryer oil and creates a sustainable fuel source.
  • Each 24"x24" tile of backing on the carpet in the Juniata bookstore saves ten 16-ounce bottles from the landfill.
  • Shuster Hall at the Raystown Field Station is a LEED Certified Green Building.
  • Juniata recycles all toner cartridges from printers, and donates the money to the Big Brothers, Big Sisters organization.
  • Juniata recycled over 93,000 pounds of various materials (paper, aluminum, cardboard, glass, plastic) in 2007.