(Posted July 25, 2005)

HUNTINGDON, Pa. -- Juniata College has a long tradition students providing service to the community, one of the central tenets of the Church of the Brethren faith held in common by the college's founders. Students at Juniata raised almost $23,000 for various nonprofit organizations during the 2004-2005 academic year.

"Juniata College's students have risen as leaders and positive members of our community," says Staci Weber, director of student activities. "The students' commitment to the community illustrates how our students truly care about their responsibility to the world and the community in which they live. Not only do our students take responsibility, but they also contribute."

Projects that involved fund raising for local organizations such as the American Red Cross, Children's Miracle Network. Huntingdon Habitat for Humanity and other groups totaled $22,921 for the year.

More than 15 Juniata student organizations raised funds for more than 20 local organizations. Among the largest donations were: $4,500 to Huntingdon Habitat for Humanity from the Juniata chapter of Habitat for Humanity; $4,070 for Huntingdon House from the college organizations Women's Group, AWOL and Women's Rugby; $2,137 to the Make-a-Wish Foundation from the Circle K club; and $1,500 to Church World Services from the Campus Ministry Board.

In addition, Weber says that Juniata College students also donated 175 Christmas presents for 175 local children as part of the Giving Tree Project and donated more than $200 in canned food to local soup kitchens. In addition, Weber reports that Juniata students donated 280 units of blood to the Red Cross.

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