(Posted October 31, 2000)

Congressman Bud Shuster (R-PA), chairman of the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, joined Juniata president Thomas R. Kepple, Raystown Lake manager Dwight Beall and other officials and guests at Raystown Lake Tuesday to announce the approval of the Energy and Water Development Appropriations Act for FY 2001, which includes $1.25 million for the college?s Raystown Field Station.

In introducing the congressman, Dr. Kepple said, "As many of you know, Juniata College has been in partnership with the Army Corps of Engineers and the regional community for nearly 30 years, providing one of the country?s most unique educational opportunities ? The Juniata College Raystown Field Station.

"Providing students and faculty members a living laboratory that encompasses 29,000 acres of land and an 8,300-acre body of water creates unmatched opportunities for scientific study. Through our work at the Field Station research is being conducted in aquatic studies, water analysis, wildlife population studies, and watershed disturbance studies. Through our work at the Field Station our knowledge of how we are impacting this remarkable environment is better understood.

"The Field Station has also served as a laboratory for our region?s elementary and secondary schools," the president went on to say. "Students from Huntingdon, Blair, Centre, Bedford and Mifflin counties regularly attend day-long academic experiences conducted by Juniata faculty, staff and students. Young future scientists are benefiting from the Raystown Field Station.

"In the future our efforts will be strengthened through the support of Congressman Shuster. Congressman Shuster has been interested in and supportive of our efforts for many, many years. He is aware of the impact our work is having and he recognizes the educational opportunities that exist here. He also recognizes the importance of environmental stewardship in this region and he is willing to endorse partnerships that support these efforts."

In his remarks Congressman Shuster noted, "Since 1993 I have worked to secure the authorization and funding for an environmental education facility at Raystown that was recommended in the Army Corps Master Plan update. This initial funding is the first step toward constructing a modern, first class regional environmental research and education facility that will be operated and maintained by Juniata College. This research and education center is one of the final projects recommended in the Master Plan."

The facility will promote water quality awareness through ecological research and education programs for Raystown and the Juniata River watershed, as well as provide training for Army Corps personnel, and will serve as a base for workshops for educators and environmental management professionals.

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