(Posted September 20, 2000)

The Baker Institute for Peace and Conflict Studies will host a presentation by Victor Alessi, a specialist in arms control, nonproliferation and international security affairs, at 8:15 p.m., Sept. 25, in Alumni Hall, Brumbaugh Science Center. All are invited to attend.

Alessi, will focus on changes in U.S.-Russian relations in his presentation titled, "Arms Control in a Post-Cold War World: The Challenges of Nuclear Proliferation and ?Brain-Drain.?"

In particular, he will discuss nonproliferation issues in Russia, emphasizing the dangers of "brain drain" as scientists who were involved with the development of weapons of mass destruction (chemical, biological and nuclear) try to make a living in post-cold war world. In his talk he will explore the problems of loosing weapons scientists in Russia to countries that are potential proliferates and programs that have been designed to create peaceful scientific work for such scientists. He will discuss business ventures that U.S. have created that offer permanent job opportunities other than the manufacturing of weapons.

Alessi is the chief executive officer and president of the United States Industry Coalition, an organization dedicated to facilitating the commercialization of technologies of the New Independent States through cooperation with its members. Among his other career accomplishments, he served as director of the Office of Arms Control and Nonproliferation for the Department of Energy in the late 1980s and the early 1990s. As a senior DOE representative, he participated as a chief United States negotiator on many arms control treatises including START and the Chemical Weapons Convention. He was also in charge of the DOE?s support to the United Nations Special Commission on Iraq.

Alessi is a 1963 graduate of Fordham University where he also earned a licentiate in philosophy. He studied nuclear physics at Georgetown University earning his master?s degree in 1968 and his doctorate in 1969.

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