(Posted November 27, 2007)

11 students and 3 faculty members from Juniata College attended the 2007 meeting of the Allegheny Branch of the American Society of Microbiology, held at LaRoche College in Pittsburgh November 16-17. Approximately twelve institutions were represented at the conference. Faculty and students presented their research work in oral or poster presentations. Six Juniata students received awards for their presentations. Undergraduate poster presentation division: 1st place, John O\'Donnell (faculty mentor Jill Keeney) \"Measuring transposition when DNA repair genes are over-expressed.\" 2nd place Brian Sykes (faculty mentor Jill Keeney) \"Nucleotide concentration, reverse transcriptase, and Ty1 transposition in yeast mutants.\" Undergraduate oral presentation division: 1st place (tie) Aubrey Cyphert (faculty mentor Jennifer Bennett) \"Identification of cell division and developemntal genes in Streptomyces coelicolor using a Tn5-derived mini-transposon.\" Travis Hull (faculty mentor Jennifer Bennett) \"Characterization of two whi genes in Streptomyces coelicolor identified by a high efficiency in vivo transposon system.\" 3rd place (tie) Cecelia Shertz (faculty mentor Mike Boyle) \"Generation and characterization of IgG fragements created by Ides.\" Lindsey Mellott (faculty mentor Mike Boyle) \"Characterization of Coagulation by E. coli\"

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