(Posted April 14, 2000)

A gift to the endowment fund is a gift to Juniata's future. This money is the principal in the college?s investment portfolio that continues to generate income, supporting future generations of students. Only the interest is used by the college, ensuring that the principal will continue to work indefinitely.

Among the most rewarding uses of endowment funds are scholarships for deserving students. Today, Juniata awards many endowed scholarships. The most prestigious is the Burkholder Scholarship, which pays full tuition, room and board, and expenses for a student who has both high academic achievement and other special, non-academic accomplishments. As part of the college?s Uncommon Outcomes Campaign, The Campaign for the Future seeks to add three more full scholarships for alumni-nominated students of similar excellence, so that they will bring their talents and skills to Juniata.

Endowment of new merit scholarships to attract students with unique talents is another goal of The Campaign for the Future. These would pay half tuition, room, and board for students who demonstrate reconciliation and cooperation with individuals, groups, or communities (Peace Scholarship); for those committed to helping people and communities that are disadvantaged or oppressed (Servant Leadership Scholarship); for students who have demonstrated a strong drive to be the leaders of commerce (Entrepreneurial Initiative Scholarship); and for those who have shown great talent and ability in the performing or fine arts (Arts Scholarship). The college also seeks additional need- and merit-based scholarships, endowed by gifts of $25,000 or more.

According to Juniata Vice President for Advancement and Marketing John Hille, "Our students can only succeed if they are taught by bright and enthusiastic faculty members. Juniata needs several more endowed and supported faculty chairs, and The Campaign for the Future is seeking new endowed professorships in early childhood education and physics."

Mr. Hille continued, "The Campaign seeks permanent funding of such important athletic programs as football, volleyball, and baseball, to strengthen these programs and to recognize the commitment of Juniata's fine student-athletes. It also proposes to establish a faculty portrait series ? a faculty "hall of fame"-- in which alumni select one current or past member of the faculty each year to be honored through the creation of an oil portrait."

While the Uncommon Outcomes Campaign is asking potential donors to support current needs, Juniata College relies on its alumni and friends to provide for its long term needs. "The future of Juniata is dependent upon endowment contributions ? funds that will continue to generate income year after year ? making sure that educational opportunities and vital programs will remain in place for future generations of Juniata students," Mr. Hille noted.

Contact April Feagley at feaglea@juniata.edu or (814) 641-3131 for more information.