(Posted May 9, 2009)


High winds have cut into our ability to continue blogging - we're having to hold down our tent press box!

Misericordia wins 13-2 in five innings.


JUNIATA 7th - Shutt singled into left field. Schmitt reaches on fielder's choice grounder to third; Shutt out at second, 5-4. Moffat reached on a fielder's choice grounder to third; third baseman commits throwing error trying to get Schmitt at second, center fielder backs up and throws out Schmitt at third, 8-5. McCool popped up to first, P3.

BETHANY 7th - Shafer grounded out to second, 4-3. Olson grounded out at first, 1-3. Shenton reached on a walk. Butler popped up to third in foul territory, F5.

JUNIATA 6th - Heinrichs struck out swinging. Carl grounded out to third, 5-3. Stacy Nagy grounded out to third, 5-3.

BETHANY 6th - Butler lines single into left field. Leslie sacrificed Butler to second, 5-4. Fauth grounded out to second, 4-3; Butler to thrid. Marinacci laces single into right center; Butler scores. Thomas lines single into left field; Marinacci goes to second. Terrell flies out to center, F8.

JUNIATA 5th - Moffat draws a walk. McCool sacrificed Moffat to second, 1-4. Rachel Nagy flies out to center, F8. Diving grab by Butler at second robs Morley of a single, out 4-3.

BETHANY 5th - Terrell flies out to right, F9. Shafer grounded out to short, 6-3. Olson singled to short, beat out throw to first. Shenton grounded out to short, 6-3.

JUNIATA 4th - Stacy Nagy grounded out to short, 6-3. Shutt grounded out to short, 6-3. Schmitt popped up to short, P6.

BETHANY 4th - Leslie reached on fielding error at short, E6. Fauth flied out to center, F8. Marinacci grounded out to third, 5-4; Leslie advanced to second. Thomas struck out swinging.

JUNIATA 3rd - Morley flies out to center field, F8. Heinrichs loops single beyond second base. Carl popped up to short, P6. Heinrichs out for leaving first base early.

BETHANY 3rd - Olson flies out to right field, F9. Shenton grounded out, 5-3. Butler popped up to short, P6.

JUNIATA 2nd - Schmitt hit by pitch off inside of knee. Moffat sacrificed Schmitt to second, 5-4. McCool grounded out to short, 6-3. Rachel Nagy flies out to left field, F7.

BETHANY 2nd - Thomas flied out to second, F4. Terrell lined out to short, L6. Shafer struck out swinging.

JUNIATA 1st - Carl grounded out, 1-4. Stacy Nagy grounded out, 6-3. Shutt lined out to third, L5.

BETHANY 1st - Butler grounded out 5-3. Popped up to short, P6. Fauth reached on a bad hop single to short. Marinacci popped up to short, P6.

2:50 p.m. - Ready for game 3 of the day, Bethany vs. Juniata in an elimination bracket game.


CENTENARY 7th - Terrell back to pitcher for Bethany. Papa reached on a fielding error by third baseman. Veverka singled to third; Papa advances to second. Dundas sacrificed Papa to third, Veverka to second. Bickel's grounder back to pitcher thrown wide of the base at first, Veverka scored, Papa scored - game over.

BETHANY 7th - Fauth singled through the right side. Marinacci sacrificed Fauth to second, 5-4. Thomas struck out looking. Fauth went to third on wild pitch. Terrell draws a walk. Shenton pinch running for Terrell. Shafer singled to center; Shenton advanced to second; Fauth scored. Lax popped up to short, P6.

CENTENARY 6th - Bickel struck out looking. Wendolowski lined out to second, L4. Dunne singled to right field. Dunne advanced on wild pitch. Veres hit in the back with the pitch. Veres and Dunne advanced on wild pitch. Knapp reached on a fielding error by shortstop, advanced to second; Veres and Dunne scored. Fane pinch running for Knapp. Olsen grounded out, 5-3.

BETHANY 6th - Lax draws a walk. Seeman sacrificed Lax to second, 3-4. Butler grounded out, 5-3; Lax to third. Leslie grounded out, 6-3.

CENTENARY 5th - Knapp struck out swinging. Olsen walked. Papa gets aboard with a bad hop single to short; Olsen to second. Veverka reaches on fielder's choice grounder to pitcher; Papa goes to second; Olsen out at third, 1-5. Dundas out at first, 9-3.

BETHANY 5th - Leslie walked. Fauth singled through right side; Leslie reaches third. Marinacci struck out swinging. Fauth advanced to second, catcher's indifference. Thomas loops singles over second base; Fauth to third, Leslie scored. Thomas stole second. Terrell struck out swinging. Shafer struck out swining.

CENTENARY 4th - Wendolowski struck out swinging. Dunne flies out, F9. Veres popped up to first, P3.

BETHANY 4th - Lax grounded out, 1-3. Seeman pops up to short, P6. Butler strikes out, dropped, out at first 2-3.

CENTENARY 3rd - Terrell now pitching for Bethany. Papa reaches on fielding e rror by second baseman. Veverka flies out to right field. Dundas hits fielder's choice grounder to pitcher; Papa out 1-6. Bickel grounded out, 4-3.

BETHANY 3rd - Olsen now pitching for Centenary; Dundas playing third. Marinacci ropes single into left field. Thomas sacrifices Marinacci over to second, 1-4. Terrell pops up to second, P4. Shafer strikes out looking.

CENTENARY 2nd - Dundas draws a walk. Bickel singles to center field, centerfielder mishandles ball allowing Bickel to reach third; Dundas scores. Bickel scores on throwing error by catcher, attempting to pick off Bickel at third. Wendelowski reaches on a walk. Dunne reaches on fielder's choice grounder to second; Wendolowski out at second, 4-6. Veres struck out looking. Knapp draws a walk; Dunne goes to second. Knapp and Dunne advance on a wild pitch. Olsen struck out looking.

BETHANY 2nd - Thomas reaches on a walk. Terrell crushes home run into willow trees beyond left center. Shafer doubled to right center. Lax popped up to first, P3. Seeman reaches on fielder's choice grounder to first; first baseman's throw to get Shafer at third was late. Throwing error by catcher on attempt to third allows Shafer to score, Seeman to get to third. Butler sac flies to center, Seeman scores. Leslie reaches on fielding error by second baseman. Fauth popped up to the pitcher.

CENTENARY 1st - Dunne grounded out, 5-3. Veres struck out, dropped, out 2-3. Knapp draws a walk. Olsen loops single into right field, over second baseman's head; Knapp gets all the way to third. Papa laces double into right field; Olsen to third; Knapp scores. Veverka stuck out looking.

BETHANY 1st - Butler singles to left field. Leslie lined out to third, then third baseman gets runner at first for double play. Fauth singled into left field. Marinacci grounded out, 5-3.

12:27 p.m. - Game two about to start...


JUNIATA 7th - Shutt flied out to center, F8. Schmitt hits hard grounder to short, 6-3. Moffat draws a walk. McCool lines out to right, F9.

MISERICORDIA 7th - Sarnak flied out to center, F8. Wenner singled just past the third baseman, into left field. Hoskins hits into 5-4-3 double play, to end inning.

JUNIATA 6th - Castaldi back in left field for Misericordia. Erb popped up to third, P5. Carl flied out to center, F8. Stacy Nagy lined out to left, L7.

MISERICORDIA 6th - Sarnak grounded out, 6-3. Wenner belts home run, two feet inside the left field foul pole. Hoskins ropes single into left field. Sorber pinch running for Hoskins. Urbon lines ball off tip of third baseman's glove in the air, ball deflects toward short, shortstop can't get glove on ball - ruled a hit; Sorber to second. Dinko pinch hitting for Castaldi. Dinko draws a walk; Urbon to second; Sorber to third. Castaldi back in to run for Dinko. Eiden plates two runs on double to center field; Urbon and Sorber score. Kidron singles to pitcher; runners don't move. Novajosky struck out swinging. Castaldi scores on passed ball; Eiden to third; Kidron to second. Miller grounded out, 6-3.

JUNIATA 5th - Stacy Nagy grounds to third; third baseman's throw is wide of the bag, E5. Nagy steals second. Shutt grounded out, 4-3; Nagy goes to third. Schmitt strikes out, dropped, out 2-3; Nagy scores. Moffat draws a walk. McCool draws a walk; Moffat goes to second. Rachel Nagy gets base hit to left center; McCool goes to third, Moffat scores. Darchicourt enters as pinch runner for Rachel Nagy. Morley lines out to left field, L7.

11:00 a.m. - Wind starting to pick up - blowing straight out to right field.

MISERICORDIA 5th - Eiden doubles into right center gap, all the way to the fence. Kidron sacrifices Eiden to third, 5-4. Novajosky struck out looking. Miller grounded out, 6-3.

JUNIATA 4th - Rachel Nagy grounded out, 4-3. Morley flied out to right field, F9. Erb loops single into left field, off bottom of left fielder's glove after she ran 30 feet to try and make a play - great effort! Carl popped up to short, P6.

MISERICORDIA 4th - Miller laces single into gap in right center. Sarnak takes pitch off helmet - HBP. Miller to third, Sarnak to second on passed ball. Wenner reached on FC grounder to short; Sarnak to third; shortstop's throw home not in time to get Miller on play-at-the-plate. Wenner takes second, catcher indifference. Hoskins strikes out, dropped, out at first, 2-3. Urbon sac fly, F9, Sarnak scores, Wenner to third. Castaldi popped up in foul territory, P2.

JUNIATA 3rd - Carl drops a single onto the grass just past second base. Stacy Nagy sacrificed Carl over to second, 1-3. Shutt doubles off the fence in left center, Carl scores. Schmitt hit by pitch. Moffat struck out swinging. McCool grounded out, 6-3.

MISERICORDIA 3rd - Eiden struck out swinging. Kidron struck out swinging. Novajosky struck out swinging.

JUNIATA 2nd - Schmitt struck out swinging. Moffat belts a line drive home run over the left field fence - her second of the season. McCool fouled out, 9. Rachel Nagy hits slow-rolling single to second base. Morley laces single past third base, Nagy to second. Erb lined out to short.

MISERICORDIA 2nd - Wenner grounded out, 5-3. Hoskins struck out swinging. Urbon walked. Castaldi struck out swinging.

JUNIATA 1st - Carl popped up, 3. Stacy Nagy struck out swinging. Shutt popped up, 4.

MISERICORDIA 1st - Novajosky struck out swinging. Miller grounded out, 5-3. Sarnak grounded out, 5-3.

10:00 a.m. - First pitch of the tournament - game 1 is underway...


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