(Posted April 18, 2011)

HUNTINGDON, Pa. -- Jay Hosler, associate professor of biology, was selected to participate in the 2010-2011 Biology Scholars Program Assessment Residency by biologyscholars.org and its Center for Undergraduate Education.

This summer, Hosler will attend a three-day program Assessment Institute, "Measuring Student Learning Institute" from June 22-25 at the headquarters of the American Society of Microbiology in Washington, D.C. After the conference, Hosler will honor a two-year residency within the Biology Scholars e-community, which can include virtual meetings with Biology Scholars at other institutions and presentation of any assessment research at a professional scientific meeting or higher education meeting. He also is expected to meet with other Biology Scholars at the American Society for Microbiology Conference for Undergraduate Educators next summer.

In addition to his career as a researcher and biologist, Hosler has a thriving career as a cartoonist and graphic novelist. He has published two previous biology graphic novels, "Clan Apis," about the life cycle of the honeybee, and "The Sandwalk Adventures," which told the story of a follicle mite living in the eyebrow of Charles Darwin.

In 2006, Hosler received a two-year grant from the National Science Foundation to develop a college biology textbook in comic book format. He was also a writer, artist and consultant for a new line of educational comics from Harcourt Achieve's LYNX line. He wrote and drew two comics "Zoo Break" and "UFO" for the 10-comic line.

Hosler came to Juniata in 1999 from Ohio State University's Rothenbuhler Honey Bee Research Laboratory where he was a National Institutes of Health Postdoctoral Fellow. At Juniata he received the Gibbel Award for Distinguished Teaching in 2005. He was promoted to associate professor in 2006.

He earned a bachelor's degree in 1989 from DePauw University. Hosler earned his doctorate in 1995 in biological sciences from the University of Notre Dame.

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