(Posted November 7, 2011)

HUNTINGDON, Pa. -- High school students from central Pennsylvania will take a stab at addressing such global issues as nuclear disarmament, the Libyan revolution and other global issues as part of a Model United Nations conference for local high school students sponsored by Juniata College to be held Monday, Nov. 14 from about 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. in various campus locations,

"This past year has seen amazing events play out on the world stage," says Richard Mahoney, professor of peace studies and director of Juniata's Baker Institute for Peace and Conflict Studies. "It will be interesting to see how our high school diplomats match up against the actual United Nations envoys."

"This past year has seen amazing events play out on the world stage."

Richard Mahoney, professor of peace studies and director of Juniata's Baker Institute for Peace and Conflict Studies.

Mahoney is overseeing all Model UN club activities.

More than 220 students and teachers on 13 teams from Huntingdon Area High School; Susquenita High School in Duncannon, Pa.; Hershey High School; Octorara Area High School in Atglen, Pa.; Annville-Cleona High School (in Annville, Pa.); The Milton Hershey School; State College Area High School; York Country Day School; East Juniata Senior High School (in McAlisterville, Pa.); Bellefonte Area High School; Juniata High School (in Mifflintown, Pa.); Red Lion Area Senior High School (in Red Lion, Pa.); and Linden Hall High School (in Lititz, Pa.) will attend the one-day event.

Mahoney says a Model U.N. conference gives high school students and their teachers the opportunity to experience diplomacy in action. Students in high school Model United Nations clubs briefed using advance materials 30 days before the conference. Each club is assigned a country or countries to represent and given assignments to participate in other United Nations organizations such as the Security Council or UNICEF.

The Model U.N. conference will include a session of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, meeting to discuss "Illegitimate Access to Secure Data Sources and Release of Information." The council also will meet on "Economic Refugees from Instability in North Africa."
The National Security Council will discuss "Establishing Governance in Libya" and "Stability in Pakistan." The United Nations Security Council will meet on "Palestinian Statehood" and "Human Trafficking."

Other sessions and topics include: The General Assembly 1 will meet on "Joint Reduction in Russo-American Nuclear Stockpiles" and "A Peacekeeping Mission to Somalia" and the General Assembly 2 focuses on "U.S. Sale of Weapons to Israel" and "Rights of Indigenous Peoples to Regain Cultures." The Organization of the Islamic Conference will debate "Response to Human Rights Violations in Syria" and "Transgender Individuals in Islamic States." The U.N. Environment Program's topic is "Conflict Minerals" and "Establishment of Nuclear Power Facilities in Iran."

The conference is sponsored and staged by the Juniata College Model United Nations Club. About 35 Juniata students will participate in the events and oversee the various committees and sessions. The United Nations Secretary General will be Goran Skinder, a junior from New Holland, Pa.

The regional Model U.N. conference is in its 13th consecutive year at Juniata. The Juniata students serving as committee chairs are as follows.
Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe: Alexis Powell, a junior from Crofton, Md., assisted by Israel Mazuera, an international student from Venezuela; General Assembly 1: Derek Magnotta, a sophomore from Tafton, Pa., assisted by Scott Andrews, a junior from Altoona, Pa.; National Security Council: Anthony Salpietro, a freshman from Readfield, Maine, assisted by Pablo Del Rio Loira, an international student from Spain; United Nations Security Council: Zach Strouse, a sophomore from Lock Haven, Pa., assisted by Ellen King, a senior from Manchester, Conn.; United Nations Environmental Program: Alex Davis, a junior from Waynesboro, Pa., assisted by Milagros Egas, an international student from Ecuador; General Assembly 2: Frank Filkosky, a junior from Altoona, Pa., assisted by Eli Murphy, a freshman from Poland, Maine; and Organization of the Islamic Conference, Laura Lou Delehanty, a sophomore from Homer, Alaska, assisted by Joumana El Alaoui, an international student from Morocco.

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