(Posted April 5, 2023)

Jacob Wallman '24

Jacob Wallman '24

HUNTINGDON, Pa. – Jacob Wallman, a junior from Halethorpe, Md., who studies data science with secondary emphases in politics and communication, has been awarded the Andrew Mutch Scholarship from the St. Andrews Society of Philadelphia. The award will enable him to attend the University of Glasgow in the 2023-2024 academic year.

“In my future career, I hope to work with machine learning and artificial intelligence, both programming as well as ethical uses,” said Wallman. “From my previous classes here at Juniata, I learned about how Scotland’s data privacy laws were much stricter against big corporations, an idea that does not exist yet in America. So, I figured this would be a good opportunity to experience a different system of data privacy to learn from.”

Wallman learned about the Andrew Mutch Scholarship through an email sent to qualifying Juniata students by Dr. Gerald Kruse, acting dean of international education.

Only a handful of students from 30 participating colleges and universities in Pennsylvania, each of whom is invited to submit applications, are selected to attend one of the four participating universities in Scotland—each known as “Scotland’s Ivies”—for one year. Wallman is the 26th Juniata College student to receive this prestigious award since Juniata’s affiliation with the program in 1979.

“While in Scotland, I will be joining extracurricular activities that will support my career goals, and I will also play on the club lacrosse team at the school,” said Wallman, a member of the Juniata College Men’s Lacrosse team. “I will also take the opportunity to explore Scotland’s cultural and historical sites.”

To be considered for the scholarship, candidates complete an application, write an essay, and interview for one of the four scholarships. Wallman received encouragement, recommendations, and mentoring from faculty and staff at Juniata throughout the long and detailed Mutch Scholarship process.

“Dr. Jack Barlow, Dr. Alison Fletcher, and Dr. Emil Nagengast advised me on my essay, completing the application, and preparing for the interview in Philadelphia,” Wallman said. “Dr. Kruse supported me by helping me understand the application process and relaying information to me from Society.”

Following graduation from Juniata College, Wallman hopes to continue his studies and earn a master’s degree in machine learning/artificial intelligence.

Contact April Feagley at feaglea@juniata.edu or (814) 641-3131 for more information.