Terms and replacement:

  1. Terms: All members will serve 3 year terms—these can be renewed upon approval of the president and desire of the member and as endorsed by the member’s VP
  2. Early Resignation: If a member chooses to leave before the end of their terms, the CAC will seek nominations for a replacement who will represent similar interests within the college.
  3. Termination: Members may rotate off the committee by
    1. Their own choice
    2. Request of the president as endorsed by the member’s VP
    3. Unanimous vote of the other CAC members

Nominations and Approval:

  1. Nomination
    1. The president, CAC members, and Vice Presidents can nominate representatives to the CAC.
    2. Individual members of the campus community can self-nominate by approaching any member of the CAC who will bring the request to the CAC.
  2. Approval
    1. Presidential nominations will be automatically approved
    2. The CAC will:
      1. check with the Vice President for endorsement;
      2. vote on the remaining nominees; and
      3. present that slate for final approval by the president.