Consistent with College policy to protect the privacy of students, access to or the release of student information or records, other than public or directory information, will not be permitted without prior written consent to any party other than to the following:

  1. Appropriate personnel and agents of Juniata College who have legitimate educational interest in seeing student records; and/or parents of dependent students.
  2. Appropriate state and Federal agencies who, under law, are entitled to have access to College records;
  3. In connection with an application for, or receipt of, financial aid;
  4. Accrediting associations in the performance of their accrediting functions;
  5. In compliance with judicial order or subpoena, provided that the student will be notified of the order or subpoena prior to College compliance with it.

Under Federal law, the College is required to maintain a log of access to student records for all non-College personnel. This information is available to students, upon request, in the Registrar’s office.