Each RSO must have a current employee of Juniata College as an advisor. An advisor usually shares a genuine interest in the student organization's purpose, lends support to the group, and challenges students to meet the educational mission of Juniata College. Student leaders should use their advisors as a sounding board for ideas, as people knowledgeable of college policies, as sources of organizational continuity, and as professional resources.

Expectations of Advisors:

  • Develop solid relationships with the executive board members.
  • Serve as a resource for students on College policies and other information pertinent to the individual organization.
  • Support the members and the club's activities through attending meetings, events, and other functions whenever possible.
  • Assist with maintaining accurate and fair practices regarding decisions and spending and sign-off on all financial withdrawals and deposits.
  • Help improve individual and team leadership amongst the executive board and the members.
  • Listen, motivate, challenge, support, and empower students.

If advisors have any questions please contact the Director of Student Activities at ext. 3331.