Student Research and Awards

  • Jane Shapiro '19: "Patronage to Patreon: The Evolution of the Working Artist."
  • Elizabeth Swierczek '18: "Uncovering the Unconventional: Examining the Autopathographic Self-Portraits of Frida Kahlo and Hannah Wilke."
  • Kathleen Ryan '18: "Art as a Weapon of Change." 
  • Lydia Steuart '18: "Freeing the Suffocated Spirit: Rethinking Structures of Indigenous Exhibitions." 
  • Sarah Spencer '17: "War on the Wall: Graffiti Art, The Arab Spring, and Women."
  • Quinn Westlake '17: "The Glorious Muslim Time Machine: Fine Arts Progress in a Time of Nostalgia." 
  • Jonah Plymire ‘16: has been commissioned to make a painting for Hanover Nighthawks football coach, Bill Reichart. Read the article here:
  • Elizabeth Faust ’15: has been commissioned to make a painting for the Veterans Affairs Office in Washington D.C.
  • Julia Noack '14: had her photographs published in the 35th Annual College & High School Photography 2015 book. Her photographs were selected from over 17, 000 photography submissions from students around the world. 
  • Jerika Jordan '14: "Cataloging a Collection: The Stottlemyer Story."

Faculty Research and Exhibitions