Biology Handbook

Click here for the Biology Department Handbook, a guide through the Biology POE at Juniata. The Handbook is also available on the BI289 Moodle page. 

Biology POE Template

A PDF template for the Biology POE is provided here: Biology POE template

For a Biology POE, students may choose either "scientific process" or "formal reasoning" as their POE waiver. Be sure to total the credit hours and proof read your responses on the second page.

Biology Course and Lab Assistant Positions

Each semester, the Biology department hires student assistants to help with laboratory and large lecture courses.

To apply for one of these positions, send an email to the contact person listed below containing:

1) a statement of your interest in being a student assistant, including the course name and section 2) your grades for BI105 and BI106
3) a statement of why you would be a good student assistant 

Submitting Posters for Printing

Posters can be printed at the Juniata Print Shop for meetings at a cost of $1.00/square foot if charged to a Juniata account (cash orders are $1.50/sq ft). The maximum size is 40 in x 50 in.


  1. Design your poster in Microsoft PowerPoint. You MUST provide a PDF document to assure printability.
  2. Enter the size of your poster under page setup. We recommend 40 x 50 inches for the largest size (Cost = $2/sq. ft.). The printer’s paper roll is 42 inches wide with a print area of 40 inches. Because the paper is on a roll, the length measurement is a variable. We cannot guarantee a file larger than 50 inches will print correctly. If you would like your poster mounted to foam-core board, please keep in mind that we stock board in 32 x 40 sheet size.
  3. After designing and creating a PDF, double-check your size (file_properties) and to make sure it is the desired size. The print shop will not resize your poster and this could cause delay in printing.
  4. Print a reduced copy of the poster to your personal printer to make sure everything is printing correctly. We have found from past experience that if you’re unable to print your file, we can’t print it either.
  5. Fill out an online work order and email your poster file to Choose poster printing under job type. Be sure to include the account number for billing.
  6. If you are planning to have your poster laminated, the maximum size for laminating is 34 x 46 inches. Click here for lamination prices.