Biology Handbook

Click here for the Biology Department Handbook. The Handbook is also available on the BI289 Moodle page

Biology POE template

For the classes of 2017/2018, click here to access the sophomore POE form with required Biology courses listed.  For the class of 2019, click here to access the sophomore POE form. You will need to fill in the course numbers and names for your selected math course (calc or biostats), physics courses, and upper level biology courses. Note that BI189 is listed as the required W course in the POE.

For the class of 2020, click here to access the sophomore POE form.


Biology Course and Lab Assistant Positions

Each semester the Biology department hires student assistants to help with laboratory and large lecture courses.

To apply for one of these positions, send an email to the contact person listed below containing 1) a statement of your interest in being a student assistant, including the course name and section 2) your grades for Bio 105 and BI106 and 3) a statement of why you would be a good student assistant.

Submitting Posters for Printing

Posters can be printed at the Juniata printshop ( for meetings at a cost of $1.00/square foot if charged to a Juniata account (cash orders are $1.50/sq ft). The maximum size is 40 in x 50 in.

1. Create your poster in the program of choice (many use powerpoint). Include your name in the file name. (example: JKeeney LAS2010)
2. Use one of these two logos on your poster: Leaf OR Leaf with "think, evolve, act"
3. Create a folder for the lab in the print shop drop box (P:\PrintShop\Drop Box). Submit a work order with the print shop (
4. Convert your poster file to a PDF file.
5. Drag and drop your poster file to the drop box. Do not copy using "save as". (For unknown reasons, it causes problems.)
6. Leave ample time for poster printing. Ideally, you should have the files in the drop box one week prior to when they are needed.

Note: Files with large embedded images (for example, from the confocal scope) will be large and may not print. You can try compressing the photographs, or print the poster leaving space for images, and attach printed images after poster is printed.

Guidelines for pre-req exemptions for BI106 or BI207:

BI106: pre-reqs are CH142 and BI105.
Students with a WP, WF or F in one of these in the fall can’t sign up for BI106 the following fall. 

If a student withdrew passing (WP) from CH142 and got a C or better in BI105, the student can request to be signed in to BI106 to be taken concurrently with CH142. BI207 must be delayed until after they pass BI106 and CH 242.

 BI207:  pre-reqs are BI106, CH144 and CH242. (Students register for BI207 while in CH144).

Students that withdrawal from or fail CH144 in the spring semester are pulled from the BI207 roster.
Students that withdrawal from or fail BI106 or CH242 in the fall semester are pulled from the BI207 roster.

If a student had a WP in CH242 and gets a C or better in both BI106 and CH144, the chair of biology will consider signing an exemption for for BI207 during spring semester drop-add.