Studying abroad provides a valuable perspective of global Biology and field opportunities that may not be available at Juniata.

Junior or senior years are the best time, but it's important to remember that professional school interviews are usually scheduled during the senior year. Pre-professional students in the health professions should plan on junior year for their program. The Biology POE offers the flexibility needed for Biology students to study abroad.

The Biology Seminar series BI189 and BI289, required of all Biology POEs, are typically taken in the freshman and sophomore years, so they rarely interfere with study abroad. All Biology POE students take BI189W: Freshman Seminar in the spring semester of the freshman year, fulfilling the requirement of a writing course in the POE. Many courses offered abroad fulfill upper level course requirements in the Biology POE. If you work closely with your adviser and consult the department chair as needed when planning your study abroad experience, your study abroad experience at Juniata might look like this: 

Year 1

  • Enroll in foreign language courses, especially French, German or Spanish.
  • Participate in a summer study abroad program.

Year 2

  • Continue studying your chosen foreign language!

Year 3

  • Study abroad, especially at Leeds, United Kingdom; Lille, France; Marburg, Germany; Newcastle, Australia; Ulster, Northern Ireland; Quito, Ecuador; and Galapagos Islands. These programs offer students courses in the Biology POE.

Year 4

  • Incorporate your studies abroad into your courses back on campus!