“I love studying chemistry at Juniata because the coursework is challenging, but the professors provide you with every opportunity to succeed and to thrive in the challenge.”

—Kathryn Goerl 

A Distinct Experience

The Juniata College Chemistry and Biochemistry Department aims to empower and nurture an inclusive community of diverse learners dedicated to cultivating chemical knowledge, acquiring scientific skills, and becoming responsible citizens of the world in which they live. 

85% of chemistry and biochemistry students who graduated from 2014-20 participated in independent research with a Juniata faculty member; 93% of chemistry POEs and 75% of biochemistry POEs.

Taking into account institution size, Juniata is in the top 2% of undergraduate institutions that produce chemistry PhDs.

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    • Christina Estright 
    • is employed as a downstream scientist at Eurofins in the professional scientific services department, where she tests vaccines.
    • Dallas Hamlin 
    • is pursuing a medical degree at Penn State College of Medicine.
    • Rose Lukoff 
    • is attending veterinary school at St. George’s University.
    • Rachel Rowlands 
    • received an Amgen scholarship while at Juniata, and is enrolled in a doctoral program in medicinal chemistry at the University of Michigan.


At Juniata, 100 percent of chemistry faculty have earned Ph.D.s, and they serve, first and foremost, as professors. But, they also publish in a variety of journals from Analytical Chemistry and the Journal of Forensic Identification to the Journal of Cell Biology and The Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Build your portfolio by researching alongside them.

“I love the welcoming environment that the professors make, and the abundance of supplies and materials we have access to.”

Kyle Sommers ’19

Additional Opportunities

Juniata’s Facilities: For research of all kinds, Juniata’s von Liebig Center for Science is outfitted to help you conduct high-quality research as an undergraduate.

Study Abroad: Popular sites for chemistry study include the University of Leeds (U.K.), the University of Lille (France), Philipps-Universität Marburg (Germany), and Guanajuato (Mexico). Juniata has study abroad programs on every continent, except Antarctica.

Undergraduate Research: Conduct research in a topic of your choosing with the guidance of a faculty member. Then, present at conferences like Juniata’s Liberal Arts Symposium or the annual American Chemical Society meetings. Recent examples: Anthony Downey ’17, “Analysis and Categorization of Counterfeit Currency Using Laser-induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS).”

Honors: In addition to earning Fulbright Fellowships, several Juniata chemistry grads have won National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowships. One student also won the national Iota Sigma Pi Undergraduate Award. Sound intimidating? We’ll mentor you through the application process.

Additional Accreditation: The Juniata chemistry program is approved by the American Chemistry Society (ACS). Students completing a baccalaureate degree that meets the ACS Guidelines will receive an ‘ACS-certified degree’ in chemistry or biochemistry.